9/9 VIP Picks - NFL SUNDAY

Here’s the deal, I don’t do this a lot but you guys who have been around a while know that when things get cold I make up for it because I’m a man of the people. I’m extending everyone’s membership for a week at no charge (even the guys who bought the weekend pass). I don’t do that much because typically it’s not necessary but it’s been our first losing week in a LONG time. Ok, now that the building pressure of a losing streak is over - - - LET’S GET IT FOR OUR FIRST NFL SUNDAY!!!!!!



Ravens (-7.5) - This Ravens defense ranked #6 in points allowed per game last year and they had 22 picks. I would expect the Bills to come in run heavy and try to “beat up” the Ravens defense with LeSean McCoy (too soon) but the Ravens D was middle of the pack last year against the run. That is the only chance they have at hanging around in this one because QB Nathan Peterman will be making his first start as a starting QB (coming into a new season) and this guy threw 5 picks in one game last year. The Ravens have reloaded on offense and have got Joe Flacco some new weapons including Michael Crabtree. I expect the Ravens to make a playoff push this year and it all starts today by blowing out the Buffalo Bills and their bad QB.

Broncos (-3) - I think a fresh start for this defense is exactly what the Broncos need after last year where I feel like there were games where they gave up and lost motivation because their QB situation was so bad that no matter how good they played, there didn’t have a chance. Case Keenum comes to town and he should be able to spread this ball around to the guys in this Broncos offense Thomas/Sanders. ESPECIALLY today with this Seahawks secondary playing their first regular season game together. It’s a new unit that has lost Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman. Earl Thomas just decided that he was going to play this season on Wednesday. This secondary is far from the LEGION OF BOOM that we have known over recent years. Add in some thin air in Colorado and I think they are in for a big challenge today. I like the Broncos at -3 in this one.

Panthers (-3) - The Cowboys have Zeke back and that’s a key component to their offense because without him in the games he was suspended last year this offense didn’t do shit. However, this Panthers defense ranked #3 against the run last season and they will be ready to stuff Zeke today. That will put pressure on Dak to make some plays through the air and he lost two big targets from last year - Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. The Panthers are healthy and ready to go on offense with Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey, Devin Funchess, Greg Olsen, and they added CJ Anderson/Torrey Smith. This offense has potential to do big things this year and we will see it today against a Cowboys defense that was middle of the pack last year in points allowed per game. I like the Panthers at home today.

Packers (-7) - Our first Sunday Night Football game of the year and it will be an NFC North battle. Well that’s what they advertise it as but I don’t know how much of a battle it will be. The Packers swept the Bears last season winning 35-14 in the first matchup and even 23-16 in the second matchup when Rodgers didn’t play because of his shoulder injury. I’m expecting this LOADED Packers offense to get the season started right tonight. Rodgers has the weapons and he is healthy. Get ready for the dominance that will be of Rodgers to Graham. The thing is that this Chicago Bears offense ranked #29 in points scored per game last season and I don’t see them being able to keep up with this high powered Packers offense. Packers win big.

Teasers: play in groups of 2 - (in order of confidence)

Patriots (-0.5)

Ravens (-1.5)

Packers (-1)

Saints (-4)

Pats / Texans O (44)

Bengals (+8)

Titans (+5)


QB: Cam Newton - I am expecting him to start off this season with a bang today and I like him with the duel threat option that he is.

RB: David Johnson - paying a big salary for him today but for good reason - he is going up against the worst rush defense from last season and he is going to have a huge day.

RB: Dion Lewis - his first game as a Titan but he is going to be a perfect fit in this offense and I expect him to get a lot of volume.

WR: DeAndre Hopkins - he is going against the Patriots who ranked 31 of 32 in the league against the pass last season.

WR: Emmanuel Sanders - The Broncos are going up against a new Seahawks secondary that has lost Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor. They will focus on shutting down Thomas and that should lead to Emmanuel becoming the go to go for Keenum today.

WR: Chris Hogan - There were 69 total points scored between the Texans and Patriots when they played last season

TE: George Kittle - low price option here who I don’t expect a lot of people to be on today since he is going against the best D in the league in the Vikings. However, I think he is going to be a go to option for Jimmy G all season long and it starts today.

Flex: John Ross - BOOM or BUST? I’ll take a low price option for a guy that could put up 2+ DEEP touchdowns today against a Colts defense that ranked 29th against the pass last year.

D: Ravens - Counting on them forcing multiple turnovers today and if they pin the Bills in 3rd and longs in their own territory, we could even get a pick six from this D. Peterman threw 5 picks in a game last season.