Bad day yesterday even though we go 6-6 overall and the JACKHAMMER did hit. We missed Georgia by a blocked field goal and 1 lousy point. TCU fell on their face and Texas football is actually back. Oklahoma and Army over was looking great in the first half and then both offenses sputtered. The good thing is I know how you guys operate and after losing on the early games you probably bet more on the prime time Stanford pick and that hit! Mediocre day compared to our standards but that’s sportsbetting, you aren’t going to crush it every single day. However, typically KofSports Nation bounces back from a mediocre day in a BIG way. How big? Keep reading to find out. Oh, and just a warning you’re going to need your JACKHAMMERS today - all 5 of them.

NFL Sunday Week 3


Straight “against the spread”

Bears (-6) - JACKHAMMER - The Bears will go on the road to play the Cardinals today and it will be the third straight week that Cardinals offensive players hate their lives. The Cards have played against the top two ranked defenses in points allowed per game in the first two weeks and they have been held to 6 whole points in two whole weeks. Rams and Redskins defenses are pretty legit and we have seen how good this Bears defense is. The defense should cause havoc and shut down this Cardinals offense for us today. So we are counting on the Bears offense to put up some points for us and they have scored 23 and 24 in their first two games (well one was a pick 6 so it wasn’t the offense). This Arizona defense ranks 28th against the run this year and that should be music to your ears because the Bears will look to establish the run and that will open up plays down the field. Look for the Bears to win this one by double digits today and the -6 should not be an issue.

Packers (-3) - JACKHAMMER - I know I listed this game as one to be careful of because so much of the public money is on the Packers but how do you not take the Packers in this game at -3!? You take em! This Skins defense has been good this year but this team is coming off of a 21-9 loss against the Colts last week. News flash - I don’t think the Colts are a very good team and that is an ugly loss for the Skins. Meanwhile, the Packers are coming off of a tie against the Vikings whose defense is much better than this Skins defense and the Packers put up 29 points against the Vikes. Nothing about Alex Smith, Adrian Peterson, Chris Thompson, or Jamison Crowder spook me and make me think they can keep up with this Packers offense (even with a one leg QB). I like the Packers to roll in this one.

Falcons ML - JACKHAMMER - The Falcons bounced back in a big way last week after opening up the season with a loss against the Eagles in week one. They came back in week two and got a 31-24 win over a good Panthers team. The Falcons offense looked A LOT better in week two than it did in week one and they didn’t make as many mistakes. They will host the Saints today who have quite honestly pissed me the fuck off and scared the shit out of me in the first two weeks of the season from a betting perspective. They got outscored by the Bucs and Fitzmagic in week one then they had a disgusting and I do mean DISGUSTING rollercoaster ride against the Browns last week where they ended up winning 21-18 thanks to the Browns missing two extra points and two field goals. To say the Saints haven’t been impressive is an understatement. I’m counting on the Falcons to put together another good game at home today and they should win this one.

Patriots (-7) - JACKHAMMER -  2017 Week 1 Patriots lose 42-27 to the Chiefs in their home opener, following week they won 36-20. 2016 Week 4 Patriots lose 16-0 to the Bills, following week they won 33-13. 2014 Week 4 Patriots lose 41-14 to the Chiefs, following week they won 43-17. 2012 Week 3 Patriots lose 31-30 to the Ravens, following week they won 52-28. 2011 Week 3 Patriots lose 34-31 to the Bills, following week they won 31-19. 2010 Week 2 Patriots lose 28-14 to the Jets, following week they won 38-30. 2009 Week 2 Patriots lose 16-9 to the Jets, following week they won 26-10. Do you want me to keep going or do you see a trend here? Bill Belichick coached teams ALWAYS bounce back in a BIG way from early season losses, look at the numbers. I am expecting this trend to continue tonight when they take on the 0-2 Lions who got smoked by the fucking Jets and lost last week to the 49ers. Tom Brady is going to pick this Lions defense apart. How about that Patriots defense that was non existent last week? Bill Belichick made that defense watch the tape from last week’s game over 10 times and embarrassed them each time they watched it. I think they will come out tonight with A LOT to prove and I think they will. I am counting on the history in this one and I think the Patriots bounce back in a BIG way tonight on Sunday Night Football.

Teasers: Play in groups of 2 for highest success rate. In order of confidence:

Rams (-1)

Patriots (-1)

Bears (0)

Chiefs (-0.5)

Broncos (+11.5)

Chiefs / 49ers Over (49)

Top 3 suggested teaser combos:

Rams (-1) / Patriots (-1)

Rams (-1) / (Bears (0)

Patriots (-1) / Bears (0)



Tiger Woods to win (-200) - Tiger Woods enters the final day today with a 3 stroke lead and he is 42-2 lifetime when entering the final round with a lead. L O C K.



Matthew Stafford - The Patriots D couldn’t stop a nose bleed last week and I think Stafford is going to pick them apart.

Jimmy Garoppolo - The Chiefs D ranks last in the league against the pass and have allowed 430 passing yards per game. Jimmy G should have himself a big day and it should be a shoot out against Patrick Mahomes.

Matt Ryan - The Sains pass defense hasn’t been great in the first two weeks and they have allowed over 325 yards per game. Matty Ice should be able to get the Falcons passing attack going at home against the Saints


Kenyan Drake - The Raiders have allowed their opponents to rush for an average of 154 yards in their first two games. The Raiders will be on the road playing in the humidity of Miami - fatigue should set in early and Drake should gas this Raiders defense.

Lamar Miller - he will be taking on a Giants defense that has allowed an average of 137.5 rushing yards per game this year.

Sony Michel - He will be up against the league’s WORST ranked rushing defense. Another thing to think about is the Patriots might run the ball more than throw to try and keep their own weak defense off of the field as much as possible. Michel could be a nice Sunday night BOOM play on the cheap.


Tyreek Hill - he is Mahomes go to go and I feel like he’s a must play until he has a down game - I just don’t see that happening.

Broncos - Thomas/Sanders - I’ve liked these guys the first two weeks but I like them even more today. This Ravens defense got picked apart by Andy Dalton their last time out.

Josh Gordon - super sleeper with this one but if he is effective it’s going to be running the most simple play in the Patriots playbook - “Josh just go deep” The Lions top corner is out for this game so he could have a few big plays. It is a risk though because there is no telling how much he will play.


George Kittle - Jimmy’s Gronk. I’ve said it the first two weeks but I think he could have a HUGE game today against this Chiefs defense that currently ranks last against the pass.

Will Dissly - not many people are getting on this guy but he has had two solid games in a row. He is a nice cheap option at the TE position and Wilson should look to him in the Red Zone.