And days like that make you wonder if there is a higher power in some of these games. All three looked like sure things and then sure enough the rain delay threw Montgomery off in Chicago, A’s bullpen gives up 3 runs in the 8th/9th, and the Angels/Rangers score 5 runs and leave 12 guys on base. THAT’S IT! Everyone’s membership is being extended a week at no charge to make up for last night and Sunday. People already riding a free week will not be extended but all of you paying members will be. Ok, pressures off now. Let’s start up a heater.


Phillies / Rockies Over (10) - I know, the 10 seems like a high number to take for an over under but the Rockies have covered that themselves in their last two games. Both of these lineups have has out of this world success against the opposing starting pitchers so let’s take a look. The Rockies come in with a .536 avg & .857 slg% in 28 at bats against Pivetta. They scored 6 earned runs in 5 innings against him on June 13 in a 7-2 win. The Phillies come in with a .422 avg & .667 slg% in 45 at bats against Marquez. They scored 6 earned runs in 6 innings against him on June 14 in a 9-3 win. So if you do the math, in one start each this season vs these lineups, Pivetta and Marquez have given up 12 earned runs in 11 innings. Another HUGE factor in this is that those games were played in Philly and tonight’s game is in Colorado (THIN AIR). I love this game to go over tonight and it would be a jackhammer if we didn’t go 0-3 last night.

Brewers / Cardinals Over (8.5) - Both of these teams have played eachother the last two days and they have gone over 8.5 in both games with final scores 6-4 and 12-4. The Brewers scored 21 runs in the three games before that and the Cardinals scored 19 runs in the three games before that. To say that these offenses are clicking right now would be an understatement. The should both continue to click tonight as they both have good numbers in large sample sizes against the opposing starting pitchers. The Cardinals come in with a .320 avg in 122 at bats against Chacin and the Brewers come in with a .340 avg in 53 at bats against Gant. Over over over.