MLB Regular Season Results + Playoff Special!!

Today, I am announcing that we are done betting on baseball until the playoffs. At this point, every playoff spot is locked in except the NL West/2nd Wild Card spot. Betting on baseball games from now until Sunday is basically like betting on a spring training game because teams have nothing to play for. Not a good idea so we are officially done betting on baseball until Tuesday when we get the first Wild Card game. We finished the season at 59% with a record of 346-239. I’m blaming the 1% below 60 on September where we didn’t bet as much baseball due to football and the last two weeks have been tough with teams not being as motivated as they were earlier in the season. We still had winning months each month of the MLB season:

2018 MLB Results

April - 53-36

May - 60-34

June - 65-52

July - 63-47

August - 67-42

September - 28-23

Also, if you bet 1 unit on all MLB plays and doubled down on all MLB JACKHAMMERS (which finished 29-12 (70%) you finished the season up 33 units. So if your unit size is $100 you profited $3,300 and if your unit size is $1,000 you profited $33,000. A third straight winning MLB season for KofSports and we are ready for the Postseason!

Now it’s time for the special deal - $40 gets you full VIP access for all sports through the World Series. Game 7 of the World Series is schedule for October 31 so you get over a full month for $40. DM me if you would like to get signed up today - we have a JACKHAMMER for tonight’s football games.