10/1 VIP Picks

We had ourselves a good weekend overall and we were just a few plays away from having an unbelievable day yesterday. If the Falcons didn’t gag, Chargers didn’t miss two field goals and two extra points, and the Steelers could have scored another touchdown. I said we wouldn’t bet baseball until the one game playoff tomorrow but I didn’t expect to have two division deciding games played today. I do like one of the matchups a lot so we will be playing that and then we have Monday Night Football tonight! Two picks today and I know we usually have 3-5 per day but with playoff baseball and hockey starting up this week, I’ll get you guys a few extra plays later in the week to make up for today and tomorrow that we really don’t have much action and we aren’t going to just force a bet.


Cubs (Quintana) - No line posted for this one yet even though first pitch is schedule for 1 pm EST. The reason for that is because the Brewers haven’t named a starter yet and I’m hearing that is could be a bullpen day for them. That is a clear indication that they don’t think they can win this game today against the Cubs and they don’t want to waste a starter because they will have to play in a one game playoff tomorrow. I wouldn’t think I had a chance if I was them either, they have struggled against Quintana. In 299 career at bats against him, they are only hitting .211 and have 70 strikeouts. Quintana is 5-1 against the Brewers this season. The Cubs will be favored in this game but the moneyline will vary depending on who the starter is. I will be playing this one as long as the moneyline isn’t more than -200.

UPDATE - the Brewers have announce that Jhoulys Chacin will make the start and they are clearly going for the win in this one. I still like Cubs with Quintana’s success against this Brewers lineup. The Cubs have beat Chacin in their last two games against him in September. They beat him 6-3 and 3-0.


Chiefs (-4) - Kansas City comes into this one with the best offense in the league scoring 39.3 points per game through their first three games. They will play the best defense they have seen all season when they play the Broncos tonight but the Broncos defense hasn’t been that great this year and they are allowing 23.3 points per game. A lot of people think the Chiefs offensive magic will end tonight because they are going on the road into Denver and it’s such a tough place to play. I disagree with them. This Chiefs team has already gone on the road twice this season and won big. This offense has already shown that they are the best in the league and the numbers don’t lie. The one weakness for the Chiefs is their defense as they have jumped out to leads early and then allowed their opponents to come back. I just don’t see this Broncos offense that ranks 27th in points per game at 20.3 keeping up with the Chiefs offense who has basically scored 40 per game. I don’t like the fact that 67% of the public is jumping on the Chiefs in this one but I don’t see this game playing out any other way than the Chiefs winning by atleast a touchdown. CHIIIIIIIIIIIEFFFFFFFFFFFFFSSSSSSSSS!

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