10/5 VIP Picks

3-1 last night for a great night! Turns out we could have took the Pats -10 but the tease to -4 and the over 45 was even more of a lock and I was more comfortable. Best part about it is that it paid the same odds as the spread would have so it’s all good. Great bounce back night in hockey last night going 2-0 with the Preds and Stars. The Braves couldn’t cover for us and it looked like the spotlight was a little too bright for the young guys. I will take 3-1 going into the weekend!

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Now that the drama for the day is over and done with, let’s get to the fucking picks!


Brewers (Chacin) (-155) - What a game yesterday between the Rockies and Brewers! Fun to watch even though we didn’t bet on in. However, today’s matchup is favoring the Brewers BIG time. The Brewers will be up against Tyler Anderson and they come in with a .379 avg in 37 at bats against him. Jhoulys Chacin has held this Rockies lineup to a .256 avg in 121 at bats. Chacin is coming off of an absolute gem against the Cubs in the NL Central Division tiebreaker game and he has gone 11 starts in a row allowing 3 earned runs or less. I am counting on that streak to continue for him today and this Brewers lineup should be able to get us 3+ runs against Anderson who they have hall of fame type numbers against.

Red Sox (Sale) (-172) - Steep price for a playoff game but it’s because of the success that Chris Sale has had against this Yankees team this year. The only reason this isn’t a JACKHAMMER is due to the fact that Chris Sale has been hurt/resting for the last month. However, all signs say he is good to go so I’m confident in him showing up tonight. The Red Sox have outscored the Yankees 25-1 this season when Chris Sale has started. That’s not a typo - 25 runs to 1 run. 25 to 1. Just so we are clear - Twenty Five to One. Sale has held this Yankees lineup to a .199 career avg in 156 at bats and he has only allowed 1 homerun (Judge). J.A. Happ has good numbers against this Sox lineup in a large sample size but the Sox lineup has also hit 10 homeruns against him. I like Sale to dominate tonight and I am confident the Sox can give him the run support he needs to take Game 1 at Fenway. Oh yeah, and I will be there. Mookie had a 13 pitch at bat against Happ earlier this season before he was traded to the Yanks, here’s how it ended:

Dodgers (Kershaw) (-1.5) - Put the Braves to bed, it’s over. Clayton Kershaw gets the start for the Dodgers tonight and he has held this Braves lineup to a .220 avg in 109 career at bats. The spotlight of the playoffs is too bright for this young Braves team. The Dodgers came out swinging last night and they hit 3 homeruns. They should be swinging the bats again tonight against Anibal Sanchez who they are hitting just under .300 lifetime against in 110 at bats. Also - homer alert - Manny Machado and Brian Dozier each have 3 career homeruns against Sanchez.


Georgia Tech (-5) - Both Georgia Tech and Louisville come into tonight’s matchup at 2-3 but GA Tech has more momentum coming off of a 63-17 win against Bowling Green and Louisville is coming off of a tough 28-24 loss against Florida State who isn’t very good this year. The big mis match in this one comes down to GA Tech’s #2 ranked rushing offense which is averaging 339.2 rushing yards per game against Louisville’s 83rd ranked rushing defense. GA Tech will be running the triple option all night and running all over this Cardinals defense. That will allow them to control this game and also win this game by more than 5 points, give me the -5.

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