10/10 VIP Picks

I’ll start off by taking the L with the Predators last night, definitely didn’t think they would lose their home opener. We are off to a slow start in hockey but we were off to a slow start last season and still finished 59% over 291 total picks, pretty solid. So no, I’m not worried about hockey right now and we will turn it around. NOW. How about the baseball picks!? 11-2 to start the MLB Playoffs!!!! On top of that we had a +129, a +140, a +160, a +113, and a +110. I’m confident that no one out there in the sportsbetting world had a better start to the MLB Playoffs then us. RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! Matchups play a big part in baseball, especially in the playoffs and I’m over here putting in overtime to break down each matchup. It has PAID off. What a start and what are we going to do without baseball for two days!? Ehh probs turn this NHL season around - LFG.

With winning streaks come more and more haters. I get these random DMs from handicappers with less than one hundred followers telling me that I am such a fraud and I lie about my results. I don’t hide anything, I document every single play. I just ask that you guys spread the word that I am legit and I do this the right way. I always have and I always will. And for you guys who consider yourself “handicappers” that are taking the time to pay for my picks and read my blog then go out and call me a fraud - I’ll give you a little bit of advice. You don’t get to the level I’m at by making absurd statements about other handicappers - you get to where I’m at by focusing on building your own following and putting in the time it takes to provide winners season after season. Stop wasting your time trying to trash me because it’s really just adding fuel to the fire and making me better. I actually find it funny when I get a DM from a guy with legit 45 followers telling me he’s better than me. Give me some of the drugs you’re on buddy because they seem awesome.



Golden Knights / Capitals Over (6) - Stanley Cup rematch from last year and that should make for a fun game to watch on a night with no playoff baseball and no football. The over is set at 6 in this one and the trends are screaming OVER. 3 of the 5 games in the Stanley Cup Finals between these two teams went over 6 including total scores of 10, 8, & 7. Vegas has pushed at 6 or gone over in 2 of their first 3 games this season. The Capitals have gone over in all 3 of their games this season with total scores of 7, 7, and 13. They have scored 5, 7, and 6 goals themselves in those games. I like the over in this one.

Capitals (-149) - The Caps have been playing great in their first three games and as you saw above, they have scored 5, 7, & 6 goals this season. They are coming off of a 7-6 loss against the Penguins but they should bounce back at home tonight against a team they dominated in the Stanley Cup Finals and who has struggled to start the season. The Golden Knights are just 1-2 and they are coming off of a 4-2 loss against the Sabres. This is also the third game of a five game road trip for the Knights so life isn’t great for them right now. Give me the Caps, give me the over, but play them individually not in a parlay.

Ducks (-160) - The Ducks come in 3-0 and they already beat the Coyotes this season. They only beat them 1-0 but they were on a two game road trip to start the season. I’ll take the Ducks at home tonight. #BetAgainstTheCoyotes

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