David Price won a playoff game.

KofSports VIP Picks are 15-3 in the Playoffs.

Red Sox (Price) (+115) - Not a homer pick, I have the numbers to back this one up. I just want to remind you guys that we are 2-0 in the postseason when we have taken the Sox as underdogs. Game 3 against the Yankees at +160 and Game 4 against the Yankees at +110 (although it closed at +124). Anyways, let’s get to this game. This is a HUGE spot for the Red Sox and David Price. The Sox dropped game one last night with their ace Chris Sale pitching and they will go to Houston for three games after this one. This is a must win for the Red Sox. It’s also a HUGE start for David Price who can’t catch a break from the media. They want to bring up the fact that he is 0-10 in the playoffs and all that but every matchup is different and none of those reporters want to talk about what team he pitched for when he suffered most of those losses (Tampa Bay). We have played Price all year and he has been good to us when he doesn’t pitch against the Yankees. Price has pitched against this Astros team twice this season and he was good - 6 innings 3 earned and 6.1 innings 2 earned. He also has 17 strikeouts in those 12.1 innings against them. He has also held them to a .233 avg in 189 career at bats. The Sox bats will need to get a few runs off of Gerrit Cole who has been good against them this year, he went 7 innings allowing 3 earned and 6 innings allowing 2 earned. In a big spot like this, I expect the Sox offense to get it done. Give me the Sox to even this series up tonight at home as “underdogs” - 62% of the public are betting the Astros. PRICE CHECK!!!