10/16 VIP Picks

Just when I thought we wouldn’t lose a single MLB bet the rest of the season, we lose one. We drop to a still pretty good 15-4 for the MLB Playoffs. We did go 2-1 last night thanks to a miraculous comeback from Rodgers even though the teaser reverts to a lower payment since the spread pushed, it went way over 40.5. We also hit our third straight NHL bet. Even though we went 2-1, losing the jackhammer made it a losing night for us unit wise.

Announcement: I am leaving the country and going to Cancun tomorrow morning. I’m being investigated for murdering all your bookies over the last few weeks so I need to pack and get out of here. Kidding. I’m headed down for vacation with my wife. Don’t worry, I signed up for the VIP room with the high speed wifi so you guys won’t be missing out on any picks. I saw that there are a couple sportsbooks nearby so I plan on going down with 1 million pesos and coming back with 2 million.


Red Sox (+125) - Here we go hopping on the “underdog” Sox again where they are 3-0 for us this postseason. The early storyline in this one is that the Astros are back at home where they played so good this season and Alex Bregman posted on Instagram that the Astros hitters hit 4 homeruns off of Eovaldi earlier this season. What the media isn’t talking about is that Eovaldi has been a bit more motivated pitching for the Red Sox down the stretch than he was pitching for the Rays back in June. They also aren’t talking about how Eovaldi has allowed 3 runs or less in 9 of his last 11 starts including his last start of 7 innings where he only allowed 1 earned run against the powerful New York Yankees lineup IN Yankee Stadium. They also aren’t talking about the fact that the Sox scored 5 earned on 9 hits in 6 innings against Dallas Keuchel on September 9. Keuchel has 6 starts this year where he allowed 5 earned runs or more. 65% of the public on the Astros, that’s what happens when you bet on games without knowing the facts behind them. Sox win this one and it pays +125.

Dodgers (Hill) (-150) - Rich Hill will get the start for the Dodgers tonight in what seems like a must win game for them. He seems like the right guy for the job because he pitched against this Brewers lineup twice this season and went 6 innings only allowing 1 earned run in each start. Gio Gonzalez will get the start for the Brewers on short rest thanks to only pitching 2 innings in Game 1 where he allowed an early homerun. The Dodgers need to get out to a quick start tonight against him before the Brew Crew goes to the bullpen. I think they will and I think Hill will give us a solid outing.


Celtics (-4.5) - This Celtics team was one game away from going to the NBA Finals last year playing without their top two superstars. Let that sink in. They will get Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward back tonight and it should be quite the show. They only got to play together for about three minutes in last season’s opener before Hayward went down for the season. The Celts dominated the Sixers in a playoff series last year winning in 5 games and their average margin of victory was 6.5 points. That was without their top two players and now they get them back tonight. The Garden will be rocking tonight and I think the Celtics start out by showing the East that they are the team to beat.

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