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10/25 VIP Picks

2-1 last night with the JACKHAMMER hitting and our 20th victory of the MLB Postseason, we are now 20-6! There’s also another crazy stat about the playoffs that I noticed but I’m not going to go bragging about it just yet because I don’t want to jinx it. Off day for baseball today but we have Thursday Night Football, NBA, and NHL to play with so let’s get it!



Texans (-1.5) / Over (38.5) - I was going back and forth with this one on which way I wanted to tease it but I’m feeling like this is the play for tonight. The Texans have now won four games in a row and they are coming off of a double digit win against a division opponent in the Jaguars. The Dolphins have lost three of their last four and those losses were all by 10+ points. Deshaun Watson should be able to get the passing game going tonight against this Dolphins passing defense that ranks towards the bottom of the league. Watson threw for 385, 375, and 375 against the Giants, Colts, and Cowboys who have better ranked passing defenses. Watson is a must play in fantasy tonight. On the flip side, the Dolphins will start Brock Osweiler against his former team and I don’t think he will have a great game but he will be good enough to help us hit the teased over. Speaking of the teased over, at 38.5 we basically need 20 points a side and that shouldn’t be a problem because both teams offenses are averaging 20+ points a game and both defenses are allowing 20+ points per game. Let’s go Texans and let’s see some points on a Thursday night!


Virginia Tech (-3.5) - Hokies QB Ryan Willis will be looking to attack through the air tonight against the Yellow Jackets defense that ranks 75th in the nation. That should allow Virginia Tech to get out to an early lead and GA Tech will have a tough time keeping up with them because they rely on the run so much. Georgia Tech has four games this year with less than 100 passing yards including a game with 12 passing yards - 12. Georgia Tech relies heavily on the run and the Virginia Tech rushing defense has been decent this year currently ranked 41st in the Nation. I think the Hokies will be able to shut down the run and that should lead to them pulling away in this one. ESPN at 7:30 EST.


Celtics (-115) - Let’s play the -115 just so we need a straight up win. Both of these teams should have better records than they have right now but it’s early in the season and teams need to figure some things out. I think this is a very valuable line for the Celtics because their starters have the edge over the Thunder and the depth on the bench isn’t even close. The Celtics should have a big bounce back game from their tough 3 point loss against the Magic. The Thunder still have some things to figure out, they are 0-3 and have lost by an average of 9 points a game. I know Russ was hurt in the first two but he played in their last game against the Kings and they still lost by 11. I don’t think the Celts will blow them out but I don’t think the C’s have any issue winning tonight.


Capitals (-125) - The Caps had a bounce back game in their last game against the Canucks and we were all over them. They should build on that 5-2 win tonight when they take on the Oilers who have lost two games in a row and are just 3-3-1 on the season. The moneyline should be even bigger on this but let’s take the value at -125!

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