11/5 VIP Picks

KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFSPORTS! The JACKHAMMER hits, well everything hit except one teaser selection and we missed it by half of a point and a dropped pass in the end zone. What a day yesterday and what a weekend overall! 9-1 on an NFL Sunday and a cherry on top was the NHL win that we got (much needed). Usually when these streaks pop up Kof turns into an unstoppable human being - some have wondered if he turns into a fucking machine when these streaks come up. Human or machine, just hop on board and enjoy the ride! We have Monday Night Football, NBA, and NHL tonight let’s keep the fire burning!


Cowboys (-5) - The Cowboys haven’t lost at home this season and they beat the Jaguars 40-7 in their last home game. The Titans have now lost 3 games in a row and all 3 of those losses were ugly. 13-12 loss to the Bills, 21-0 loss to the Ravens, and a 20-19 loss to the Chargers when they went for 2 instead of kicking the extra point to tie the game. The Titans have only thrown for more than 200 yards in 2 of their 7 games this season. Both teams are coming off of bye weeks but it will benefit the Cowboys more as they had more time to work Amari Cooper into the offense after trading for him. This Titans rush defense ranks 19th in the league so I would expect Zeke to show up hungry tonight and get fed. That will also lead to some opportunities to make big plays down the field through the air for Dak. After 3 losses in a row, a Monday Night Football game on the road and then the Patriots (and Kof) coming to town Sunday, it feels like this Titans season is going to continue going downhill. This Cowboys defense is currently ranked #5 against the pass and #9 against the run. That will make things tough for this Titans offense who has struggled this year and is only averaging 14 points per game. Cowboys cover the -5 with ease tonight.


Raptors (-2) - The line is where it’s at because Kawhi Leonard is considered day to day on the injury report. I think he will play tonight and the -2 is too good to not take for the 9-1 Raptors against a 4-5 Jazz team who has last 3 in a row. They say that the Western Conference is the “varsity” league and the Eastern Conference is the “Junior Varsity” league but the Raptors are 4-0 against Western Conference teams including a double digit win against LeBron last night. I think the Raptors make it 5-0 against the West tonight and they will cover this -2.

After how good of a weekend we had, we are only going with two picks tonight because we don’t want to force an NHL or NBA pick.

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