11/11 VIP Picks

8 and fucking 3! Took a bad beat on LSU too. What a Saturday, what a Friday, now it’s time to close this weekend out with an undefeated NFL SUNDAY! I’m feeling it! I need that energy from you guys….KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFSPORTS!!


Patriots (-7) - First things first, I will be at this game today. For those of you who don’t already know, I live in Mass and I’m making the trip down to Nashville for this game. The Patriots started 1-2 but have run off 6 straight wins. 2 of those 6 wins were on the road and the Pats covered -6.5 in both of them. The Titans are a weird team this season - they have had some impressive games and some ugly games. They are coming off of a win against the Cowboys on Monday night in a game where Dak Prescott and the Cowboys were exposed. One of the ugly games for the Titans was the loss to the Buffalo Bills who the Pats beat 25-6. Here’s an interesting stat for you, Bill Belichick is 14-9 against former assistants. Mike Vrabel is not a former assistant but he is a former player so I would group him into that category. Vrabel was the linebackers coach for the Texans from 2-14-2017 and the Pats went 3-0 against them in that time frame with wins of 27-6, 27-0 (Jacoby Brissett played QB), and 36-33. It’s got to be intimidating for former players to go up against the legend of BB and this will be Vrabel’s first time preparing for a matchup with BB - he has had a short week to do it. I don’t see the Titans covering in this one.

Saints (-5.5) - JACKHAMMER - The Saints take on the Bengals today who are 5-3 on the season but those 3 losses all came against teams with a winning record. In fact, only 1 of the Bengals 5 wins have been against a team with a winning record. So how good are the Bengals? I’m not impressed. The Saints on the other hand have won 7 in a row and just knocked off the undefeated all world LA Rams last week. The Saints come in with the 2nd ranked offense in the league behind the #1 Kansas City Chiefs (who beat this Bengals team 45-10). So how good are the Bengals against teams with high powered offenses? Not that good. I think this one turns into a blowout and the Saints continue to roll.

Chargers (-10) - Put this bet in before the line goes up! The Oakland Raiders are dead. They may not even show up to play this game. They lost 34-3 against the 1-7 49ers last Thursday. The Gruden contract may be the worst contract signed in the history of the NFL. It’s definitely not the first time the Raiders have issued a large contract that has backfired (JaMarcus Russell $39 mil guaranteed for 18 career touchdowns and 23 career interceptions). If you watched that 49ers game, you saw these Raider players giving up on plays. You don’t bounce back after a loss like that especially when your players are giving up. Meanwhile the 6-2 Chargers come to town winners of 5 straight. Look for them to absolutely destroy the Raiders today, if the Raiders actually show up to play.

Falcons (-6) - I said that we wouldn’t bet the Falcons the rest of the season but I am liking the matchup today. They also burnt us last week when we bet against them for the 80-1 parlay that we went 9 out of 10 on - check the tweet from last Sunday:

They will go on the road to take on the 2-6-1 Browns today who are 0-2 against the other NFC South teams that they have played this season. The Falcons have kind of turned their season around by winning 3 straight games and Matt Ryan has thrown for 350+ in each of those games. Call me crazy but there is still half of the season to go and as bad as the season started for the Falcons, they are very much in the hunt for the Wild Card with 8 more games to go. They have more to play for than this Browns team and they will cover the -4 today.


Play in groups of 2. Listed in groups of confidence.

Pats (-1)

Saints (+0.5)

Chargers (-4)

Falcons (0)

Eagles (-1.5)

Rams (-3.5)

Bears (-1)

Chiefs (-10)

Moneyline Parlay:

JACKHAMMER - Pats ML / Saints ML / Falcons ML / Chargers ML / Eagles ML (+264)