11/21 VIP Picks

2-1 last night for a winning night! So close to 3-0 but the Sharks blew a lead in the 3rd period and lost in overtime. Still a 2-1 night was great to snap the cold streak that we were going through. High percentage basketball plays hit. The common bettor would parlay the Raptors and Blazers moneyline for a “better payout” but neither of those teams covered the spread so the common bettor lost last night. We played the moneylines on a parlay for -133 odds which is great value and it hit. Then we hit out Duke, Gonzaga, Blazers moneyline parlay at -120 odds and Duke/Blazers did not cover the spread but won outright. High percentage plays - 66%. How about another high percentage play night tonight to set us up for tomorrow. I can hear the NBA Jam announcer now - they’re heating up! THEY’RE ON FIRE! KOOOOOOOOOOOFSPORTS! LFG.


Maple Leafs (-105) - What the fuck is up with this line right now? Hammer hammer hammer. The Leafs come into this one 15-6 and will be taking on the Hurricanes who are just 9-8-3. The Leafs are hot and have won 7 out of their last 8 games played. We have also won our last three bets when we bet on the Leafs. The Leafs are averaging about a goal more per game than the Canes at 3.52 compared to 2.60. They may be on the road for this one but they are certainly rested up after having yesterday off. I haven’t seen value this good since happy hour last Thursday where the drinks were 3 for 1.

Predators (-180) - The Preds come in 14-6-1 and had a little funk of a stretch but they have pulled it together since then and have won two games in a row including an impressive win against the Lightning. They will host the 8-3-1 Panthers tonight who have been playing bad hockey and have lost 4 out of their last 5. The Blues are allowing more than 3 goals per game (3.11) and that won’t be good enough defense against this Predators team at home tonight. Remember, when you play these high moneylines you want to risk 1 unit, don’t risk 1.8 units. Play the juice don’t pay the juice.



Lakers ML / Raptors ML / Rockets ML (-104) - JACKHAMMER - Please excuse me for being rude but punch your bookie in the face and tell him to pay you for this one when you lock it in because it’s a lock. LeBron makes his return to Cleveland and the only way the Lakers don’t win the game is if the Cavs fans burn the building down before the game ends. @ Quinn - can we get a live look from the stands tonight? Then we have the 14-4 Raptors who are on a back to back and coming off of just a 2 points win against the Magic. The flight time from Orlando to Atlanta on a private jet is about an hour and fifteen minutes so the Raptors got a good night rest and the 3-14 Hawks waiting for them who yes, you guessed it - they have lost 8 games in a row. To close it out, we have the Rockets at home who will be hosting the Pistons. The Pistons have won 4 out of their last 5 but 2 of those wins were against the bad teams that we bet against to start this parlay the 3-14 Hawks and the 2-13 Cavs. The Rockets have really got a good streak going and they have won 4 games in a row and have won all of those games by double digits. We need these three teams to win straight up and this one is paying just about even money. Let’s get it!