11/27 VIP Picks

2-1 last night for a winning night! We move to 8 winning Mondays out of 12 this season (66%). Texans roll right over the Titans as expected and Gonzaga scored even more than expected to cover our over in College Basketball. The Bucks showed up in the second half last night and it was too late, they had a chance to tie the game with 7 seconds left but couldn’t get it done to force over time. 2-1 is a solid night and a nice building block to build an absolute fucking mansion this week. If any of you guys made it down to Rhode Island yesterday or are going today, let me know how it is! I’m traveling this week so I wasn’t able to get down there for the grand opening with the suit on but I will make it down there soon enough! Let’s see what we have for tonight to put together a nice heater this week.


Virginia Tech (-2.5) - Virginia Tech hasn’t lost a game yet this season and they have already beat a Top 25 team in Purdue. Penn State comes into this game just 3-2 and they have a couple of ugly losses to DePaul and Bradley in this early season. Penn State has been without Mike Watkins this season who has been cleared to play tonight after dealing with “mental issues” and getting over the two arrests that he’s had in 2018 although he is still a game time decision. He is a key piece to this Penn State team but Virginia Tech comes in 5-0 ranked #13 in the country and I don’t think Williams will be enough for the Nittany Lions to knock off the Hokies tonight. Let’s Go Tech!


Raptors (-5) - The Raptors have won their last 5 games and 4 of those 5 wins have been by 5 points or more. They come into tonight’s matchup with a  17-4 record. They will take on the Grizzlies who have had a good start to the season and come in 12-7 but they have lost 2 games in a row including a loss to the 7-14 Knicks in their last game. I think the Raptors continue to dominate and cover the -5 tonight.

Pacers (-2.5) - This line isn’t up on the sites that I use yet but ESPN Scorecenter is showing this spread as -2.5. If this line comes out and it’s -2.5 then this one needs to be absolutely jackhammered! Yes, the Pacers are on a back to back but they just smoked the Jazz last night 121-88 and the starters came out of that game early because they had such a large lead so I’m not concerned about this back to back. I’m also not concerned about their opponent tonight who is the pathetic 4-15 Suns who are on their way to another Top 5 pick in next year’s draft. 10 of the Suns 15 losses this season have been by 10 or more points. They are a bad basketball team and the Pacers should steam roll them tonight. I will be traveling during the day but I will check in to the blog before this game starts to weigh in on the line. You need to watch for this one as soon as it comes out though because it is going to move quickly. Here’s the screen shot from Scorecenter showing -2.5 (can’t always trust the ESPN interns though):

Cross sports moneyline parlay:

Lightning ML / Raptors ML (+111) - Great value on this one at plus money for two dominant teams that we just need to win straight up. As you saw above, I like the Raptors to cover 5 tonight so obviously a win straight up is even easier than that. The Lightning seem to be getting in a real groove lately and they have won 5 of their last 6 and their last 3 wins have been by 2 goals or more with a goal differential of +9. They are hot and they will host the Ducks who have lost 3 of their last 5. Why take the puck line when you can pair the moneyline with the Raptors for plus money? You don’t, you take the high percentage moneyline parlay to the fucking bank. LFG