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12/6 VIP Picks

Damn! You guys are anxious today - 137 log ins before 10:30 a.m. on the East Coast. Not bad! 2-1 last night to extend our week to a very profitable 7-2! Did we expect that we would need a 39-19 4th quarter from the Thunder? Nope, but the bets aren’t considered wins or losses until the clock hits 0.00. What a comeback win for them to close out our +118 moneyline parlay. I got a DM from a non-member calling that parlay “cheap” so I sent him my ticket where I risked $1,000 to win $1,180 and asked him how cheap that is? We look at the matchups and we look at value, that was a valuable high percentage play. Then we had the Ducks come through for us which has extended our current hockey hot streak to winning 9 of our last 11! The fucking ice is going to start melting soon. Our one loss of the night was the Clippers at +2 and they were in the game right up until about five minutes left in the game when the Grizz went on a run to seal it. 7-2 is still 7-2. I’m trying to throw some gas on the fire tonight, let’s get to the picks!


We will start with NHL tonight since we have been scorching hot.

Maple Leafs (-1.5) - We can’t play the moneyline in this one because it’s -330…..although if you want to get your jackhamer out you can hit it for 3.3 units to win 1 because the Leafs aren’t losing tonight. The Red Wings have lost 5 of their last 7. Similar to our last 11 hockey picks, the Leafs have won 9 of their last 11. More importantly for this one, they have covered the -1.5 puck line in their last 6 home games. Not like the Leafs needed it because they have been rolling all season but that overtime win on Tuesday night in Buffalo was a nice boost of momentum and confidence. I like the Leafs to win their sixth in a row and cover the puck line for the seventh time in a row at home. Just to be clear - the moneyline is a jackhammer if you want to bet big but the puck line is just a standard 1 unit bet.

Moneyline parlay:

Maple Leafs / Golden Knights (-127) - JACKHAMMER - Get out the JACKHAMMER for a Thursday night party! You see the analysis above for the Leafs and I don’t see them losing to this Red Wings team at home tonight. We are parlaying them with the Golden Knights who will be hosting the Blackhawks tonight who they built a snowman on last time they played on 11/27 in an 8 to 3 win. The Knights have won 6 of their last 7 and they are starting to look like the team we expected them to be. The Blackhawks have lost 5 straight including that 8-3 beat down they took by the Knights on 11/27. The Blackhawks have allowed their opponents to score an average of 5 goals per game during their current losing streak. Add to it tonight, Knights. -127 odds for a parlay on these two matchups should be free money.

Predators (-150) - The Preds have had a few little funks the last few weeks but they have won two games in a row and both were impressive. The first was a 5-2 win over the Blackhawks and the most recent was a 2-1 win against the Sabres. They will take on the Canucks tonight in Vancouver but those fans haven’t been saying Go Canucks lately, they’ve been saying something that rhymes with it - “what the fuck?” The Canucks have lost 12 of their last 13 games and they haven’t been playing good hockey at all. Get on this one early because the line will probably be dropping as we get closer to puck drop.



Jaguars (+11.5) / Over (31) - I get it, this game isn’t going to be fun to watch tonight so you all want to put a little extra money on it to make it more interesting. Well, here’s what I have for you. The Jags are coming off a boring 6-0 win against the Colts who beat this Titans team 38-10 a few weeks ago. Are you ready for a mind blowing stat that I found today? If you teased against the public on every Thursday Night game this season, you would be 11-2. 63% of the public is all over the Titans in this game tonight so we are teasing against the public to follow the trend that’s hitting at 85% this season. Seems pretty obvious to me what’s happening but anyways…..we have to tease with the over or the under in this one. Even though the first meeting between these two teams finished with a final score of 9-6 earlier this season, I’m going with the over. The reason for that is because we only need a 17-14 game to cover and 10 of the Jags 12 games have gone over 31 and 9 of the Titans 12 games have gone over 31. Not to go total sports nerd on you guys but if you take all of the trends and take the average, this teaser has an 81% chance of hitting tonight. I’ll take our chances. Go Jags and give us points!


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