12/10 VIP Picks

Rock bottom. I absolutely hammered the Saints / Patriots / Steelers moneyline parlay with thoughts that there was absolutely no way it would lose and then the Miami Miracle happened. I proceeded to smash two tvs with a golf club and threw a playstation 4 controller through the wall. Sometimes when you’re going through a cold streak you just need to release all of the bad energy and that’s what I did when the Pats gagged. Turns out that the Steelers lost anyways but all of the bad energy was already out of me at that point. So I’m here this morning to officially declare the worst losing streak in KofSports history over. It’s over. The bad energy is out and today is a fresh start.


Seahawks (-3) - So the line dropped from -3.5 to -3 but the public money has gone up on the Seahawks? That makes no sense at all and this one seems like a bluff from vegas. If the public money really went up on the Seahawks then so would the spread because the books would want to even out the money on the Vikings. The spread dropping from -3.5 to -3 is a clear indication to me that money is coming in heavily on the Vikings. The recent three game winning streak for the Seahawks has helped them emerge into the NFC playoff picture but they have been playing good football all season. The early losses to the Bears and Rams were impressive because they were one possession games and the same goes for the two losses before their three game winning streak when they lost to the Chargers and Rams. The Seahawks have a 4-2 record at home this season and the Vikings are 2-3-1 on the road. The Vikings rank #10 against the pass on defense this year but they just allowed Tom Brady to throw for 311 yards last week. Russell Wilson just threw for 339 yards two weeks ago against the Panthers and I expect him to look to attack through the air tonight. It should be good conditions for a Monday Night Football game with temps and the mid 40s and it should be dry throughout the game - good passing conditions. Here’s a nice stat for you to sum up where the Vikings are at this season - they are 6-1-1 against teams with losing records and 0-4 against teams with winning records. They will play another team with a winning record tonight and I’m expecting the Seahawks to cover the -3 for us.


Kings (-135) - The Kings will take on the Bulls tonight who are coming off of a 56 point loss. Something like that destroys a team mentally if the Bulls weren’t already destroyed by being 6-21 this season. The Kings come in one game over .500 and look what they have done to teams similar to the Bulls - 129-110 win over the Cavs, 122-105 win over the Suns, and a 146-115 win over the Hawks. 87% of the public money on the Kings spread so let’s take the moneyline in this one to protect ourselves. This Bulls team is so bad that I don’t even think they can bounce back with a win in this game even if the refs give them all the help in the world.

Crosssport Moneyline Parlay:

UPDATE 1:09 EST - Don't take this parlay if you didn't already lock it in. The Celtics are sitting Kyrie, Horford, Hayward, and Baynes tonight.

Celtics ML / Lightning ML (-119) - Anthony Davis is questionable for this game so I’d get this one locked in before the books get the news and move the line. The Celts and Pelicans played on 11/26 and Davis scored 27 points but the Celtics STILL won the game by 17. That was the start of this five game winning streak for the Celtics that they have won by an average margin of 28.6 points per game. The C’s have looked really good during this stretch and I said this when we took them on Saturday buy Brad Stevens’ adjustments have made him look like a genius. Yeah, their opponents haven’t been great but they have been absolutely burying these teams. Davis or no Davis, Celts should win this game at home tonight. The Pelicans are also on a back to back (played in Detroit last night) and this Celtics team had yesterday off. I like the C’s to keep it rolling at home tonight. The Lightning are the best team in the NHL and they have won 6 in a row and 9 of their last 10. They are also coming off of a 7-1 win against the Avalanche on Saturday night. The Rangers have been mediocre this season and have lost two seperate games by 3 goals to the Canadiens and Senators in their last 5 games. I just don’t think the Rangers have what it takes to compete with the Lightning.

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