Sister Act 3 - Vegas Edition

Breaking news came out yesterday that two Catholic School nuns in California admitted to embezzling about $500,000 over the last decade and using it to take trips to Vegas. Genius. You ever get a free bet for $100k? They have. The two sisters who claim to be best friends (how can you not be when you’re running a scheme like this) took the money from tuition, fees, and donations at St. James Catholic school in Torrance, CA. Not a bad 1 hour flight away from Vegas.

One of them was the principal of the school for 29 years and the other was a teacher for 20 years. School officials said that they were aware that both of them would take trips and go to casinos but apparently they thought it was completely normal that two nuns take trips to Sin City. "Sister Mary Margaret and Sister Lana have expressed to me and asked that I convey to you, the deep remorse they each feel for their actions and ask for your forgiveness and prayers. They and their order pray that you have not lost trust or faith in the educators and administrators of the school." - Lol - what a statement from the school. The school has also announced that they will not be pursuing any criminal proceedings and both of the nuns are cooperating with an investigation to determine the exact amount of money that they stole from the school.

Both of them retired earlier this year. There’s only one explanation for their cooperation and no, it’s not because they are good people. If they were good people, they never would have started this scheme in the first place. They obviously hit a couple of huge fucking parlays so now they can give all the money back and still be sitting pretty for their retirement. What a time to be alive for these nuns, enjoy it now ladies because you’ll be burning in hell. With that said, if either of you are looking for consultant gigs in your retirement, KofSports is hiring.