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Bettor wins $1,000 on 7 team parlay - NFL Week 16

This is why we play. Every bettor dreams of hitting a big parlay and this bettor (@280characterlmt) hit a 7 teamer last weekend:

10 to 1 odds and he put a $100 on it. The average bet size across the country is $10-$50 on straight bets so it’s nice to see someone putting $100 down on a 7 team parlay!

Let’s take a look at each selection from this parlay and what were the trends going into this one.

Browns (-450) - The Browns had won 4 of their last 5 coming into this one and one of those wins was a 15 point win on the road against this Bengals team without Andy Dalton or AJ Green. The Bengals were coming in off of a win against the Raiders but they had lost 5 in a row before that. Still without Dalton or Green, the Browns were expected to win this one and that’s exactly what they did. The Browns got up 23-0 and this one was out of reach before two late 4th quarter touchdowns by the Bengals made the final score look closer than it really was.

Rams (-1000) - Not much to say about this one, I would have put 1 million on this moneyline if I had the cash. There was no way that the Rams were going to lose to the Cardinals. The Rams needed to win to keep their hopes alive for the #1 seed in the NFC and they beat the Cardinals 34-0 in their first meeting of the season.

Patriots (-900) - The Pats were coming off of two losses in a row to the Dolphins and Steelers. This was a pretty safe bet taking the Patriots at home in December against a Bills team that they had already in the first meeting of the season. Another fun fact on this one that you may not have known but the Patriots have not lost 3 games in a row since 2002. The Patriots didn’t play great and they still won this game by multiple scores. Never in doubt.

Titans (-550) - “Titan up!” “Dat ass!” This one was actually the first play of the parlay since it was the 4:30 game on Saturday. The Titans came in winners of 3 straight and 5 of their last 7. They needed a win in this one to keep the playoff hopes alive. The Skins were coming off of a win against the Jaguars but that’s not saying much. They lost 4 in a row before that win. This one must have been a little bit spooky at a -550 moneyline and losing going into the 4th quarter but the Titans were able to come away with the win.

Green Bay Packers (-3) - The Packers were going on the road (where they were 0-7 on the season) to take on the Jets. That’s right, they hadn’t won on the road all season. The Packers were trailing the whole game and they went into the 4th quarter losing 35-20 - it wasn’t looking good! Then of course, Mr. Comeback himself Aaron Rodgers scored two touchdowns to take the lead. The Jets came back and tied it at 38 and this guy must have been thinking he should have taken the over. Going into overtime needing to cover -3 is always an uncomfortable feeling and you basically are hoping for a cover but cheering for a push. The Packers got the ball and drove down the field for a touchdown. Thanks Mr. Rodgers!

Falcons (-150) - The Falcons were coming off of a big win against the Cardinals but they haven’t been a team bettors could rely on this season. They were going on the road to take on a Panthers team who they beat earlier this season and the Panthers announced Cam Newton would be shutting it down for the year. The Falcons got down 7-0 but after that it was all Falcons and this one was never in question.

Bears (-4.5) - This one seemed too good to be true and it looked like that in the first half of this game. The 49ers took a 9-7 lead into the half and this one was ugly. This is one of those ones where you just have a feeling in your stomach while you’re watching it like, fuck this is going to cost me the banger. Bears came out late in the third quarter and scored a touchdown to take the 14-9 lead that they wouldn’t give up.

Win. Win. Win. Win. Win. Win. Win. $ChaChing$

I had a chance to ask Zach about the parlay and here’s a look at what he had to say:

Kof: What was your most confident pick and least confident pick?

Zach: My most confident pick was the Rams beating the Cardinals. My least confident pick was the Packers covering the -3 spread. My gut told me that was the one deciding game that would decide the parlay.

Kof: Did you watch all of the games on tv or score check on your phone?

Zach: I monitored most of the games via my fantasy football app and caught bits and pieces of others on TV.

Kof: When was the moment you realized you were going to cash?

Zach: Once the Packers won, I felt 90% sure I’d cash. Bears barely clearing the -4.5 spread surprised me (me too). They won by 5.

Kof: Do you play parlays like this a lot?

Zach: This is the first time I’ve played a parlay of this size and this is the biggest parlay I’ve ever hit.

Zach also said he has been having some great success in his straight pick em pool this season and he plans on trying out more parlays like this in the future. He said he had a gut feeling on this one and his tip to other bettors out there is to, “always follow your gut!”

You can submit betting tickets to for a chance to be featured in the next “this is why we play.” Until next time, happy betting!


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