Super Bowl ticket scam man busted after being rude to a teenager at a spa

Ketan Shah was accused of scamming family, friends, and even his own fucking mother selling “Super Bowl” tickets that didn’t really exist. He made over $1 million dollars and then decided to take off on the run from his home state of Georgia leaving his wife behind letting her know it was just a mid life crisis - no big deal. What a great idea when the Super Bowl is being hosted in your home state, just sell tickets that don’t exist to your family and friends and then take off. What a scumbag this guy is. He scammed his own mother out of $36,000.

This whole scheme Shah had was fucked up from the beginning but the way he got caught was even worse. Shah went to a spa with his side piece and he decided to cut the line to try cutting other customers at the spa. This guy just thought he was entitled because he’s now/was a millionaire. The 19 year old host had an argument letting Shah know that he would have to wait his turn and Shah continued to give him a hard time. The 19 year old decided to google his name since Shah was so smart he used his real name while on the run and that’s when the 19 year old saw the news this guy was wanted for this giant scam he had. Local police were notified and arrested the son of a bitch.

Kof’s takeaways:

  1. If you are going to scam friends and family especially your own mother, you are just a terrible person and you should be tortured.

  2. If you make over $1 million, you should probably use some of it to get out of the country as quickly as possible. It’s pretty tough to hide out within the country you committed the crime in.

  3. If you do decide to stay within the borders that you committed the crime, you should probably come up with a fake name. Think people.

  4. The biggest let down of this story was that Shah didn’t put all of his profits on Pats moneyline in the Super Bowl with the money he made selling fake tickets to the game.

  5. Would it be a crime if he sold fake tickets, went to Vegas, put a million on the Pats, and then returned all of the money to the people who bought the tickets? Now THAT would be genius.

  6. Ketan Shah is not a genius.