Don Cherry RIPS the Hurricanes for their post game celebrations - calls them a bunch of jerks

The Carolina Hurricanes have been playing some good hockey as of late (we have made some money off of them), they are 16-5-1 in 2019 and if the season ended today, they would make the playoffs via the second wild card spot in the Eastern Conference.

Hockey Night in Canada host Don Cherry went off on the Hurricanes for their post game celebrations last night and called them a bunch of jerks, check the video below:

Fast Forward to 4:30 in the video:

These celebrations have become quite popular after home wins for the Hurricanes and the fans love it. The arena stays full while the players celebrate and get the clap going. I can see where Cherry is coming from on this because he is an old school guy and there has NEVER been something done like this. The Hurricanes Twitter bio was changed following Cherry’s comments to “That bunch of jerks with the fun celebrations.”

Huge face on Cherry and this is something that this Hurricanes team will use to rally around. It will be fun to keep a close eye on this and see if anyone else from another team will do something about it. How epic would it be to see a guy pretending to knock one out of the park and slowly skating around the ice then he just gets blind sided by a guy from the team they just beat. Then it turns into a massive brawl. That’s what I’m waiting for. That will be fun.

The Hurricanes are currently listed at 30-1 odds to win the Stanley Cup.