Adam Silver is "pleased" with the competitive balance of the NBA - LOL.

Adam Silver had an interview over the weekend where he stated he was “pleased” with the competitive balance of the NBA. For the record, Adam Silver became the NBA Commissioner on Feb 1, 2014. So in his first four full seasons as the NBA Commissioner (2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018) the same two teams played in the Finals all four years. The last two years have been absolute routes 4-1 and 4-0 sweep. One team has won 3 of the last 4 Finals. Competitive balance, huh? It’s one thing to say you’re pleased with the revenue generated by the rematches that resulted in no one being able to get past the Warriors or Cavaliers over the last four seasons but to say you’re pleased with the competitive balance of the league with the results that you’ve had in your first four seasons is a complete fucking joke.

Sure, there has been a mix up of teams who make the playoffs over the last four years or so but just because the 38-44 Nets make the playoffs, it doesn’t mean they have any chance what-so-ever to compete. Silver stated he does understand that there are teams who are not competitive but he also said it’s either by choice that they prefer to rebuild or they are worried about the salary cap. Knock knock, who’s there? Open your eyes commissioner, the reason some of these teams can’t compete is the players’ ability to dictate where they want to play and scheme up a plan to join up with other All-Stars. How is a team like the Phoenix Suns supposed to compete when the Warriors who had won 3 of the last 4 Championships signs one of, if not the best Center in the league to a Mid-Level Exception contract for $5 million. That’s just not fair.

Something needs to be done to help the competitive balance of the league. One, top tier free agents shouldn’t be able to take massive pay cuts to sign on with top teams to create even better super teams. Two, all of the bullshit with players colluding and scheming up where they are going to join up and play together shouldn’t be allowed. Tough to track it but figure it out. Fuck it, partner with NBA 2k and use their rating system to put rules in place about how many players of a certain rating teams can have. That’s the only way the competitive balance will be fixed in the NBA. If we keep going the way we are going, All-Star divas will continue to demand trades until the next super team is formed.

I know you’re a smart man Mr. Silver but if you’re truly “pleased” with the competitive balance of the league, you’re an idiot. You can chalk up another Finals win for the Warriors this year so that will make it 4 out of 5 for them and 3 straight. Competitive balance, LOL.