Bob Kraft charged for soliciting prostitution

Patriots owner Bob Kraft has been charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution in connection with a sex sting at Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, FL. You have just won the Super Bowl, what are you going to do next? “Go to DISNEY WORLD and then GET LAID!” Orchids of Asia Day Spa was one of ten spas that were shut down throughout Florida after an investigation revealed that the women were in “sexual servitude.” $59 for a half hour or $79 for a full hour so at least he was getting the most bang for his buck. Based on the reports, many women lived in this spa and they were from China. They weren’t allowed to leave the spa at anytime. The owner of the spa had already been arrested but there are conflicting reports as to if Kraft has been arrested or not. His group has come out with a statement denying the prostitution charge stating that he did not engage in any illegal activity. The detective said that the acts were captured on surveillance video and here I was the whole time thinking those pornos in the spas were staged. Let’s take a look at what this means for Kraft if he is in fact convicted.

Penalty from the League office:

Owners are subject to the league’s personal conduct policy and it’s actually in writing that owners are held to an even higher standard than the players. The last incident with an owner came in 2014 when Colts owner and gambling degenerate Jim Irsay was arrested on drug charges. He was suspended six games and fined $500k. With the way Goodell operates, there is no telling what type of punishment will be handed down to Kraft if he is in fact charged. The last time the Patriots were charged for “deflating balls” it came with a $1 million fine so that could be in line this time around.

Impact on Legacy:

This is going to blow up. With all of the Patriot haters out there and the different media outlets, this is going to be the main story to talk about up until the draft and then it will still be talked about after the draft. The media outlets are already at it with the way they are writing the headlines. ESPN’s headline made it sounds like Kraft was charged for operating the prostitution ring when it turns out he was just getting a fucking rub n tug. Why do bad things happen to good people? I don’t care who you are a fan of and whether you hate the Patriots or not, Robert Kraft is one of the most genuine human beings in professional sports. This will be used to tarnish and smear the legacy that Kraft has worked so hard to build since he purchased the Patriots back in 1994.