Brinks truck shows up at Dodgers Facility after Harper talk

You’ve got to be kidding me. This story is being made out to be so much more than it needs to be and anyone buying into this is a fool. Bryce Harper had a done deal with the Phillies over a week ago (check my blog post). Both him and his girlfriend gave it away on social media after polishing bottles of wine celebrating Valentine’s Day. Then all of a sudden Manny Machado signed with the Padres and actually got the $300 million and that fucked everything up. Bryce Harper and Manny Machado share the same agent, Scott Boras. Scott Boras is a smart guy and he realizes that Harper has more value than Machado. He told Bryce, look, if I could get Manny $300, I can get you $325. That’s exactly what’s going on here, the reports that the Dodgers are back in the mix for Harper and all of a suddenly a Brinks truck shows up at their facility is a complete bluff to the Phillies to drive up the final price tag. The sad part is, I feel like the Phillies will fall for it and cut the check. They have come too far down the road to turn back now and they had a deal in place before Machado got his $300 million. It’s blatantly obvious that’s what’s going on here. It was just yesterday that all the reports pointed to the Phillies and Harper getting ready to officially announce it and then today it comes out that the Dodgers are back in the sweepstakes and a Brinks truck shows up? Phillies will get Harper, but now that might hold them back from getting Keuchel too. What’s a stacked lineup with a mediocre pitching rotation? Not much, bet the over. Is it a coincidence? No, if you were the agent on the verge of getting two of the largest contract signed within two weeks you would have the money to pay a Brinks truck driver to do whatever you wanted too.