SuperBowl 53 Pick

One month later, let’s take a look back at the big SuperBowl 53 pick and the analysis that was spot on in the game that was the biggest bet of lives. Below is copy and paste from the VIP blog from Feb 3. What a game and what a pick. Enjoy it one more time.

“3-2 last night with both JACKHAMMERS hitting for us! The big day is here, this is the game that every bettor waits the whole season for. The Super Bowl! Today’s pick is the first ever 5x JACKHAMMER! A typical jackhammer means you can double down on this pick because they are my most confident picks. You can bet 5x what you normally bet on this one today because I am that confident! Don’t call me a homer, just look at the facts. Yes, I will be at the game. LET’S. FUCKING. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFSPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NFL: Patriots (-2.5) - Everybody is on the Pats in this one and the script has certainly flipped from where it was going into the playoffs. No one thought the Pats had a chance against the Chargers, we did. No one thought the Pats had a chance against the Chiefs, we did. Everyone thinks the Pats have a chance against the Rams and so do we. It’s hard to take a team to win who really shouldn’t even be in this game. I think I would be taking the Saints if they were in this game, honestly. No question the Rams are a great football team but after seeing the things that the Patriots have done in their first two playoff games it’s impossible to bet against them. Brady clearly had an injury he was dealing with earlier this season when all of the critics claimed they were right about him falling off the cliff. Not so fucking fast, he threw for 343 yards against the Chargers and don’t forget he was up 35-7 in that game that they had no chance to win. Then he threw for 348 against a Chiefs defense who was “soooooooooooooo” good at home. Don’t forget the game winning drive. Ok enough enough you see where I’m coming from. Now the Rams were good this year but they were 4-3 against teams in the regular season who ended up making the playoffs where the Patriots were 4-0. I guess you could say the Rams played a tougher schedule based off of those records but I’ll take the 4-0 over 4-3. These two teams did not play each other in the regular season but they did square off back in 2016 with some similar key players as they have this year, the Patriots won that game 26-10. Jared Goff was 14-32 for 161 yards and threw two interceptions in that game. He has grown up a bit since then and has more experience but Belichick always finds a way to put together a scheme that confuses young quarterbacks. Goff vs this Pats defense is the X factor in this Super Bowl. If Goff gets off to a slow start or turns the ball over early, this game is going to turn into an absolute fucking blowout (adjusted line isn’t a bad idea). The Rams may go to a run first approach to keep Goff’s nerves in check and ride Todd Gurley. However, I think that benefits the Pats if the #2 offense in the regular season tries to slow the game down. Brady will make his possessions count when he gets the ball. This is going to be Rob Gronkowski’s last game in the NFL so expect a big game from him and hit every player prop offered for him. The Patriots defense has already tamed two top 6 offenses in their first two playoff games. I think they matchup against this Rams offense better than they did against the Chargers or Chiefs. I’m taking Tom Brady in his 9th, 9th, 9th Super Bowl to get it done for us. He threw for 500 yards in last years Super Bowl and still lost but this year, the Pats defense will step up and force a turnover or two against the Rams young QB/Coach. Pats get the win and cover the spread for us. LET’S. FUCKING. GO.”