3/20 VIP Picks

Back to back winning nights going 2-1 last night with another cross sport parlay where we got a 16 point Rockets win and a 3 goal Capitals win - that parlay paid -118 and then we have the Bruins absolutely dominate the Islanders 5-0 with that paying -110 odds. The one game that kept us from a 3-0 night was the Red Wings/Rangers over which ended up missing by .5 a point. I’ll take the 2-1 night and two winning nights in a row. Let’s go for a winning night tonight to make it an official hot streak going into March Madness tomorrow! LAST call for the bracket pool, registration closes at 10:30 est tonight so hit me up if you want in.


7:30 EST

Lightning / Capitals Over (6.5) - These two teams just plays 4 days ago and there were 9 total goals scored. Both teams come in with Top 10 ranked offenses with Tampa averaging 3.85 goals per game this season and Washington is averaging 3.40 goals per game this season. The Bolts have scored 3 or more goals in 8 of their last 10 games while the Caps have scored 3 or more goals in 10 of their last 10 games. If both teams can score 3 again tonight which they have done more than 80% of the time in their last 10 games, this one will go over with atleast a 4-3 final if not more. I like those odds and I’m taking this over tonight. One final thing I’d like to point out is that the Capitals are on a back to back and here are some goals allowed results from back to backs earlier this season - 6, 7, 7, & 6. Those games were not against the #1 scoring team in the NHL, tonight will be.

10:00 EST

Jets (-150) - Well the last time we bet on the Jets to beat the Ducks, the Jets won 9-3 and it was an absolute JACKHAMMER. The Ducks are playing better hockey now than they were back then but the Jets are still the better team, BY FAR. Jets have 90 points on the season and the Ducks have 69. The Jets are 2-0 against the Ducks this season and have outscored them 13-6. More than double. That makes sense if you look at both teams average goals per game this season with the Jets coming in at 3.39 and the Ducks coming in at 2.30. Give me the Jets tonight, late night on NBC Sports Network.


7:00 EST

Celtics (+130) - You know when you just have that team that seems to have your number? That’s who the Celtics are for the Sixers. The Celtics are 3-0 against the Sixers this year and dating back to last year’s playoffs they have won 6 in a row while outscoring them 664-612. The dominance goes back even further than that and of course there have been some player changes since then but it’s still a crazy stat I found today. Dating back to the beginning of the 2014 season, the Celtics are 21-3 against the Sixers. This season 3-0, last season 3-1 then a 4-1 playoff series, 2016 3-1, 2015 4-0, and 2014 4-0. Safe to say that they have their number. The Celts beat the Sixers by 3 in their last meeting but that was without Kyrie. They are 2-0 against the Sixers with Kyrie playing this year including a 40 point game from him and they won 121-114 and 105-87. The Sixers are on a back to back and snuck away with a win against the Hornets last night even though Embiid didn’t play. I think the Celtics are good value at +130 with the way they have dominated this Sixers team recently - 10-2 in the Kyrie era and he didn’t even play in that 4-1 playoff series last season. I’m going with the C’sssssssssssss tonight on ESPN. 55% of the public are on the Sixers.


6:40 EST

North Carolina Central / North Dakota State Over (134) - Play in game tonight for us to get our March Madness betting started up officially. Both teams can enjoy playing this one because there is no real winner to this game. One loser has their season end and the other loser (winner of this game) gets to go be a 25 point underdog to Duke on Friday night (maybe even more). Anyway, I do like the over in this one based on both teams averages this season. Let’s take a look - North Dakota State is averaging 73.2 points per game while allowing 71.7 points per game and North Carolina Central is averaging 71.3 points per game and allowing 66.3 points per game. Yes, there have been a few spooky scores this season for these teams but 66% of their games went over 134. These two teams have 34 combined games that went over 140 this season so I think this matchup tonight could lead to an over with some breathing room. Let’s just hope this one isn’t one of the games they put up a dud because that is a possibility with these teams but I’ll take my chances with the over based on the averages this season. LFG!