3/22 VIP Picks

4-2 with a jackhammer win? Yeah, we will take that! Florida State and the Bruins were both absolute locks yesterday and we hammered that one. Bruins cover the puck line easy, Florida Gators get their chomp on for us, and finally “Fletcher Magee for threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” Wofford couldn’t miss in the second half and this game turned into a shootout. What did the pick say from yesterday? “If the averages hold true, we are looking at at a game with 160 total points, that’s about a 15 point cushion from where the line sits.” Seton Hall had a scoring drought down the stretch but this game was on pace to go over 160 as expected. Now, let’s acknowledge the fact that we were .5 a point away from going 5-1 thanks to Auburn gagging. Bruce Pearl makes a lot of fucking noise and his face turns purple on the sidelines but this motherfucker doesn’t do much coaching at all. Auburn allowed New Mexico State to go on a 7-0 run in the final minutes to cost us. Where was the coaching Bruce? 1. New Mexico State put the press on and Auburn looked like they had never seen a press in the lives. 2. Auburn was up 3 with 15 seconds left and one of their best free throw shooters intentionally fouls to foul out. 3. Auburn fouls on a literal prayer three pointer that never had a chance when they were up 2. I really wish that kid hit all three free throws because Auburn deserved to lose. Still a great day and we continue a great week with four straight winning days. Let’s make it five and go into the weekend scorching hot.


Cincinnati (-4.5) - These two teams come into this matchup going in different directions and the end of the road is here for Iowa today. Cinci has won three games in a row including a 12 point win over a very good Houston team who is a 3 seed in the tourney. Iowa comes in losing 5 of their last 6 and it’s been an ugly end to the season for them. This game is essentially a home game for Cinci as it will be played in Columbus, OH which plenty of fans will be making the hour and a half drive to cheer on their team. I think Cinci could have been a higher seed than a 7 but that’s fine because we get this favorable matchup today. One thing that we know about Cinci from the regular season is that they can go on scoring droughts but they come in with the #11 ranked defense in all of college basketball allowing 62.2 points per game. Iowa is allowing 10 more points per game so I think Cinci will be able to get the offense going. I’ll take the team who I feel like is the better overall team, with the better defense, in a game that’s basically a home game. Go Bearcats!

Tennessee (-17.5) - 1 seed Gonzaga beat their 16 seed opponent Fairleigh Dickinson by 38 last night and 2 seed Kentucky beat the 15 seed opponent Abilene Christian by 35 last night. Why does that matter? It doesn’t really matter for this matchup directly but Tennessee beat Kentucky twice (once by 19) and they beat Gonzaga. The point I’m trying to make is that Tennessee is on the same level as the big dogs who dominated their lesser opponents last night. I don’t even really know what to say about Colgate. Their best opponent this year was Syracuse and they lost by 21. They play in the Patriot league and let’s be honest, the Patriot league doesn’t get the same kind of athletes that the SEC does. Tennessee is a legit Final Four contender and they will show that today with a convincing win over Colgate. Go Vols!

Oregon / Wisconsin Over (116.5) - Let’s start off by looking at the season averages for these teams. The average total score in all of Oregon’s games this season is 133 and Wisconsin’s average total score in all of their games is 130. Now, I know that makes this look reeeeeeeeeally good but I will say there were 6 Oregon games that went under 116.5 and 8 Wisconsin games that went under 116.5. The two lowest totals were 102 and 99 so these teams are definitely capable of laying an egg. However, Oregon is averaging 70 points per game this season and Wisconsin is averaging 69 points this season. Based on these averages and the season total averages, I think this over has potential to get CRUSHED today. I think Oregon will want to push the pace in this one and it should lead to us going over 116.5.


Capitals (-170) - The Caps will host the Wild who have lost 5 of their last 6 games. The Caps are coming off of a tough 5-4 loss to the league best Lightning but they are in a good spot for this matchup where they have had a day off to rest up and haven’t had to travel since their last game was home on Wednesday. This is the first of a two game trip on the East coast for the Wild and we will probably bet against them both tonight and tomorrow when they play the Hurricanes. Let’s sweep the Wild tonight and tomorrow! Go Caps!

Added 5:56 EST

Sharks / Ducks Over (5.5) - Honestly, not sure how I didn’t have this one added right from the start this morning. This is the most obvious over since the Capitals and Lightning game on Wednesday night. The Sharks and Ducks have gone over 5.5 in all three of their head to head meetings this season with final scores of 5-2, 4-3, & 4-2. The Sharks have been on a losing streak but there haven’t been a lack of goals scored, they have gone over 5.5 in their last 5 games. The Ducks have only gone over 5.5 in 2 of their last 5 games but they have scored 3 or more goals themselves in 3 of their last 5. Love the over at 5.5 in this one tonight.

Cross sport parlay:

Capitals ML / Virginia Tech ML (-122) - Good value here for a nice cross sport parlays that we have been having good success on as of late. The Capitals are taking on the Wild who have lost 5 of their last 6 games. Virginia Tech will take on Saint Louis in the late NCAA game so this one can fuel your Friday night drinking. Virginia Tech competed with Top 25 teams all season in the ACC and St Louis finished 6th in the Atlantic 10. I shouldn’t have to say anymore after that but I will. St Louis played one ACC team (Florida State) and lost 81-59. We need to Hokies to win straight up for us tonight and I don’t think that will be a problem. Caps get it done early, Hokies get it done late.