MLB 2019 Season & Betting Preview:

World Series Champs

5 teams you can bet on to win the World Series to give yourself a 85% chance of winning money.

New York Yankees 6-1

Houston Astros 13-2

Boston Red Sox 15-2

Los Angeles Dodgers 8-1

Chicago Cubs 12-1

I think one of the five teams above will win the World Series this year. As a Red Sox fan, I can say that if the Yankees are able to make a trade for a big name pitcher, they are going to be tough for anyone to beat in a playoff series. The lineup and bullpen are already the best in baseball. So if you put 1 unit on all five teams above, the minimum you would profit is 1 unit and the maximum you could profit is 7 units.


Atlanta Braves 20-1

New York Mets 25-1

Los Angeles Angels 50-1

The Braves have put together quite the lineup with young studs but the question with them again this year will be if their pitching can be good enough. If their rotation can take it to the next level or they make a mid season trade, they have a good shot at making a run for the World Series. Mets pitching can be as good as anyone if they can stay healthy for a full year. They just signed deGrom and let me remind you that if deGrom got 3 runs of support in each of his starts last season, he would have went 32-1. It’s not just the deGrom show though, they also have Syndergaard, Wheeler, and Matz. Can they stay healthy? The Angels have a legit lineup but the major problem is their pitching rotation. Matt Harvey is slated as their “Ace” and it is 2019 people. If the Angels can get some pitching, they definitely have a good enough lineup from top to bottom to compete.

Homerun King

Aaron Judge 6-1 - he hit 27 homeruns last season and he missed 52 games dealing with a broken wrist so he wasn’t full strength after that. Him and Stanton will be the bash bros in the Bronx this year but I’m thinking the combination of a healthy Judge and the park he gets to play his home games in will lead him to be the 2019 Homerun King. 60?

Season Win Totals - Best Bets:

Chicago Cubs Over (88.5) - I know a lot of people will forget that the Cubs won 95 games last season because they lost in the NL Central Tie Breaker to the Brewers. I’m here to remind you that the Cubs are capable of winning 100 games (they did in 2016 with a similar cast) and this line set at 88.5 seems pretty valuable. The lineup is well rounded and the pitching rotation is underrated with Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks, Cole Hamels (who went 6-0 in August after being traded to the Cubs last year), Yu Darvish, and Jose Quintana. I actually LOVE this rotation. The NL Central will be competitive like always but I think the Cubs are the best team in the division and I don’t think their NL Central crown will need to be decided by a tiebreaker this year. The NL Central Champ has had more than 88.5 wins in 11 straight seasons. I love the Cubbies going OVER 88.5 this season and that’s my best bet for a regular season team win total.

Red Sox Over (94) - I’ll start by addressing the losses in the bullpen with Craig Kimbrel and Joe Kelly gone this year but the starting rotation and starting lineup is back this season for a team that won 108 games in the regular season last year. Take advantage of this team being together again this year because it could be the last year with this core of young studs together. Expect them to play at a similar level as they did last year and I think they will go over 94 wins on the season. Second year in a row I think the Sox and Yanks will both get to the 100 win mark.

Most Losses:

Baltimore Orioles (+200) - Two to one odds for this team to repeat the pathetic showing that they had last season. They finished 2018 with 115 losses which was 11 more than the next worse team in baseball, Kansas City. There is nothing to make me think they will be turning it around this year especially with the pitching rotation of batting practice pitchers they have. It also doesn’t help that they will get beat up by the Red Sox and Yankees all season.


A.L. Wild Card -  Yankees over Twins

N.L. Wild Card - Braves over Cardinals

A.L. Division 1 - Astros over Indians

A.L. Division 2 - Red Sox over Yankees

N.L. Division 1 - Cubs over Mets

N.L. Division 2 - Dodgers over Braves

A.L. Championship - Red Sox over Astros

N.L. Championship- Cubs over Dodgers

World Series - Red Sox over Cubs (and what a World Series it will be)