I tweeted out this “upset” on Friday Night and I know a lot of you might think I was joking but I was 100% serious so I wanted to take today as an opportunity to release this as a free pick on one of the biggest stages in sports, an upset in the Elite Eight.

NCAAB: 5:05 EST Michigan State (+125) - The one you’ve all been waiting for. I said it after Friday nights games and I’ll say it again. Michigan State is going to beat Duke tonight. Duke has now escaped two games in a row where their opponent had the ball on the rim at the buzzer to win or tie. No disrespect to UCF or Virginia Tech but they aren’t on the same level as this Michigan State team. The Spartans are 11-1 against Top 25 teams this year and they haven’t “snuck by” teams in the tourney like Duke has. Michigan State has won by double digits in each tourney game - 11, 20, and 17. The most impressive was by 17 against a good LSU team on Friday Night. Duke has “snuck by” UCF and Virginia Tech but also don’t forget they struggled in the first half against 16 seed North Dakota State. I think Michigan State takes control of this game early and never looks back. Tear your brackets up, Duke is going down tonight.