4/18 VIP Picks

4-1 night last night and the only loss was the Astros who lost 2-1 and were 1-7 with runners in scoring position. We hit the Cardinals first 5 easy, Cubs easy, Bruins easy (ish) with a late scare, and Rockets took care of the over for us. I don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling fucking great today! Let’s get to today’s picks!


12:10 EST

Braves (Soroka) (-151) - Not much of a sample size for either one of these pitchers vs the opposing lineup today but the matchup favors the Braves. Now if you played baseball at any level - little league, high school, or college you remember a pitcher who everyone on your team hit hard and every time you played him your team had an extra boost of confidence knowing you got to face him. That’s what this matchup is like for the Braves today. They faced DBacks starter Luke Weaver last June and scored 8 earned runs in 4.2 innings against him in a game they won 11-4. Mike Soroka will pitch for the Braves today and he was good in the five games he pitched in last year. I think the Braves will give him the run support he needs today.


7:08 EST

Capitals (Even) - The Caps got outplayed the other night when they lost 5-0 but if you think we are going to pass up even money odds for a team who is 6-1 against their opponent on the season you’re crazy. WE ARE TAKING THE CAPS! Some people get punched in the mouth and don’t get up (see below) but I think the Caps get up tonight after the 5-0 loss the other night that was figuratively a punch in the face even though Ovi delivered the real punch to the face. I’ve got the Caps tonight.

10:00 EST

Golden Knights / Sharks Over (6) - JACKHAMMER - Three of the four games in this series have gone over 6, that's 75%. That's on top of the three out of four games between these two teams that went over 6 in the regular season. The line was listed at 6.5 in the first four games of this series (some books offered 6 in game one) but with the line at 6 tonight this is a must play. Game Four was the only game that didn't go over in this series and that's because the Knights shut the Sharks out with a 5-0 victory. The Sharks will be home in the tank tonight and they scored 5 goals in each one of their home games in this series. There have been an average of 8 goals scored per game in the 4 games that these two have played against each other in San Jose this season. MyBookie.ag has this line at 6, hammer it.