4/29 VIP Picks

4-0, JACKHAMMER hits, 17-2 JACKHAMMER run. KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFSPORTS! 11-3 weekend with a JACKHAMMER hitting on each day. 10 JACKHAMMERS in the last 10 days. It’s been a GREAT run and we are absolutely on fire right now. It’s kind of funny how much hate mail I get when we go on runs like this because the numbers are so good that they don’t seem real. So many DMs of people calling me a fraud and it’s like dude you can sign up and find out for yourself for $25 bucks I have members making over $1k a day. That’s why I went ahead and posted some of my DMs last night for a little proof because I was getting annoyed with the haters but fuck em. I appreciate you guys that do show support but I know a lot of you don’t because once you do, you have other handicappers DMing you begging you to sign up for their shitty picks. It’s all good, I just ask that you guys spread the word to your friends letting them know that Kofsports is the real deal and we are taking over the sportsbetting world. With that said, we are on to another week and let’s see what we have for tonight.


7:40 EST

Astros (Verlander) (-170) - We took Verlander against the Twins last Wednesday and the Astros won 7-1. We had the run line in that game but let’s play the moneyline tonight. Verlander has now held this Twins lineup to a .171 avg in 187 at bats. The Twins are coming off of a series sweep against the Orioles and their bats were out all weekend but tonight will be a challenge for them against Verlander who has always dominated them. The Astros lineup will be up against Jake Odorizzi who they have a .262 avg in 102 at bats but he did hold them to just 2 earned runs in 5.2 innings last week. That’s why I’m on the moneyline tonight rather than the run line. Big price for it but with the numbers Verlander has against this lineup it’s worth it to play the juice on this one.


8:00 EST

Sixers (+6.5) - First of all, I like the Sixers to win this game tonight based on how NBA Playoff series have worked for as long as I can remember. Adjustments from each team and of course the side that gets more whistles than the other seem to even up the series more times than not. With that said, I’m taking the +6.5 instead of the moneyline +230 because why wouldn’t you take a 6.5 point cushion when it’s being offered? It’s the smarter play knowing that the Raptors have actually won 22 of the last 25 straight up against the Sixers. I do expect the Sixers to make defensive adjustments on Kawhi Leonard who scored a playoff career high 45 points in Game 1. I think the Sixers will keep this game close and have a chance to win this one outright down the stretch. Taking the spread is the safe play, taking the moneyline is the aggressive play but comes with a higher reward paying out at 2.3 to 1. I’ll be taking the spread tonight but I wanted to let you guys know my feeling on this one. I’ll also point out the fact that 64% of the public are on the Raptors to win and cover the spread. I’d expect that number to increase as the day goes on which makes me like our chances even more.

Only two picks today and no jackhammers. I know that’s a let down with how hot we have been but I hope it goes to show that I don’t just post picks to post picks and I only post hammers when I truly am feeling it’s worth doubling or tripling down on. I’m confident in both of our picks tonight but I don’t feel like they are worthy of a JACKHAMMER. I also don’t see any other matchups that I like tonight so that’s why we are rolling with two picks. Another thing I’ll remind you guys is that bankroll management is key, just because we had a HUGE weekend doesn’t mean you should be betting bigger tonight than you normally would. 1 unit on each play tonight, don’t get greedy just stick to the system - it works. If you have any questions about bankroll management you can DM me and I’m happy to help you out.