5/3 VIP Picks

Well would you look at that, the Sharks and Avs go under 6 for the first time in seven head to head matchups this year and we lose a jackhammer. It’s been a while since we have lost one of those and it stings a little bit! 17-3-1 in our last 21 now but the most recent one hurts, especially with the week we are having 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 1-2. I don’t try to hide or sugar coat our losses, I do what I need to do to put us in position to turn it around. It’s been a bad week so far but it’s nothing a HUGE weekend and strong close to the week can’t fix. You ready? Let’s get it then.


7:00 EST

Hurricanes (-130) - The Hurricanes have won 5 playoff games in a row and they have won 7 of their last 8. Another trend is that they have scored 5 goals in 3 of their 4 home games. They have a 3-0 series lead on the Islanders right now and have all of the momentum in the world with a chance to finish off the sweep in front of their home crowd on a Friday Night. I can’t think of a better situation for them. I also don’t see how the Islanders can stop the momentum at this point. Game 3 was a good example of the energy boost that the Canes get when they play on their home ice winning 5-2. I will take the Canes to close it out tonight.

9:30 EST

Stars / Blues Over (5) - 3 of the 4 games in this series have gone over 5 and the one game that didn’t go over 5 pushed at 5. Like I’ve said in previous write ups when we have taken the over in this series, a hockey over under at 5 is a really safe number and I’m comfortable with it. 3-2 and you push. I think that we will see a 4-3 or 4-2 game tonight and for the 5th time in this series, the total score will not be going under. How dare anyone bet an under on a Friday night? OVER OVER OVER!


8:10 EST

Red Sox (Sale) (-1.5) - Chris Sale is 0-5 on the season but tonight is the night that he is going to get his first win of the season. He will face his old team and he has held this White Sox lineup to a .161 avg in 62 at bats. The Sox cost us last night and that’s mostly in part to them going 0-9 with runners in scoring position. They left 10 men on base last night. The Sox lineup will be up against Reynaldo Lopez tonight and he allowed 8 earned runs in 4.1 innings against another A.L. East team (Rays) earlier this season. The Sox should be able to hang a number on Lopez and his 6.03 earned run average tonight. I give the moneyline a 100% chance of winning tonight but that’s why it’s -190. I give the run line an 80% chance of hitting tonight. The Sox bullpen is really the only concern I have tonight but I think they will have a big lead by then. If you play the moneyline, make this one a jackhammer for 2 or 3 units. If you play the run line, this is a regular 1 unit play.


8:00 EST

Player Prop:

Kyrie Irving 3 pt made Over (2.5) - I first saw this prop on Mybookie.ag and I thought to myself, how can that be offered at -115? I watch a lot of Celtic games and I feel like 2.5 is a low number for Kyrie in a pivotal Game 3 that is a big game at home. So I took a look back at Kyrie’s game log from the regular season even though it’s spotty because he had so many “issues” during the regular season. But I picked 10 “big” games from the playoffs/regular season and the results were exactly what I was hoping to see. Take a look below:

3 pt made/attempt

Pacers 6 for 10

Pacers 2 for 5

Pacers 3 for 8

Sixers 3 for 13

Rockets 7 for 8

Bucks 4 for 8

Warriors 4 for 10

Raptors 3 for 6

Sixers 5 for 10

Bucks 6 for 12

He went over 2.5 in 9 of those 10 “big” games. The number that I really like to see from these results is that he averaged 9 3 pt attempts in these “big” games and tonight is a “big” game so I am confident that he will get his 3 pt attempts in. Being a 40% 3 pt shooter on the season, if he gets his average of 9 attempts, I see him going over. Realistically, this could easily hit in the first half.

Nuggets / Blazers Over (214.5) - They burn us the other night but both teams combined to miss 113 shots the other night. They both shot 46% from the field on the season and the Nuggets shot 35% the other night while the Blazers shot 42%. You guys know I love the numbers and if you look at the average total scores between these two teams in their other five meetings this season and ignore the ugly game the other night, these guys have average 228 total points per game. I know it’s another assumption that the games in Denver were higher scoring and may sku the numbers but the two games that were played in Portland had total scores of 225 & 223 so that has me liking the over at 214.5 tonight. How dare anyone bet an under on a Friday night? OVER OVER OVER!