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6/3 VIP Picks


Well that was a fun weekend! 7-1 with the one loss coming due to 1 run being scored in the first inning of the Mets and DBacks game. We will take it after what was an extremely mediocre week. We only have 4 total MLB games to choose from today and Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final so we are going to go with 2 high percentage plays tonight and I’ll make up a pick or two over the rest of the week. Let’s see what we’ve got to start the week out right:


8:00 EST

Team Total

Bruins Over (2.5) - JACKHAMMER - Just reading that brings on some chest pain doesn’t it? All of you who hopped on board for the weekend don’t know what I’m talking about but the long term guys know exactly what I’m talking about. We lost two JACKHAMMERS in Game 2 last Wednesday thanks to the Bruins not scoring more than 2.5 goals. This is one of those ones where we have to take it to get closure on the situation. AND the fact that the Bruins are coming off of a game where they scored 7 goals makes me really like this play tonight. The Bruins are averaging 3.5 goals per game in their 20 playoff games. If you look at their last 10 (which they have won 9 of), they are averaging 4.1 goals per game. The Blues lack of discipline fucked them on Saturday night when the Bruins went 4 for 4 on the power play. It will be VERY interesting to see how rookie goaltender Jordan Binnington bounces back after getting the yank after allowing 5 goals the other night. My guess is that he will come in with less confidence after his performance on Saturday and if the Bruins score one early, it could be another route. Either way, I’m confident in the following trend - the Bruins have scored 3 or more goals in 8 of their last 10 games. 80% trend, let’s ride it like a fucking wave!


10:00 EST

Phillies (Nola) (-145) - Nola had a few rough outings to start the season but he has really come back into form as of late and the Phillies have won the last 6 games that he has started. He is 6-0 on the season with a 4.18 earned run average. He has allowed just 1 run in 4 of his last 6 starts and 3 runs in the other 2. We can count on another solid start from him tonight when he takes on this Padres lineup who he has held to a .195 avg in 41 at bats. The Phillies will be up against Eric Laur who has been good this season. Only four Phillies have faced him before but they have done damage in a small sample size - .562 avg, .938 slg%, 1 homerun over 17 at bats. The Phillies have lost 4 in a row but in fairness, 3 of those were against the Dodgers who have the most wins in the MLB. The Padres are coming off a series where they lost 2 out of 3 to the Marlins who are tied for the third fewest wins in the MLB. Let’s roll with the Phillies tonight backed by Nola who has been pitching great.


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