3/12 KofSports Update

Where to even begin? The last 24 hours have drowned us in terrible news that we will not have sports to bet on for the foreseeable future. There are all sorts of emotions pulling in a million different directions but the only way to truly sum it up is to say that it fucking sucks! Some of you have already reached out and asked what we are going to bet on now. I pride myself in the success that we have had since 2015 in the Major American Sports. You aren’t going to catch me betting on Czech basketball or eSports. I expect this to last 3-4 weeks like it did in China so there will not be picks posted on this website until the Major American Sports resume. So with that said, here is how I will be handling it:

Recurring payment members - You need to reach out if you want to cancel your membership or go into your paypal and cancel. It is going to create a ton of extra work on my end so for those of you who keep the memberships active, I’ll reward you with free weeks on the back end of your memberships.

Pre Paid Members - For those of you who prepaid for a month (or longer) term membership, your membership will be put on pause until Major American Sports resume.

In the meantime, I plan to continue to post daily to talk about everything that’s going on with the virus updates and any other topics that I come up with. I might incorporate some stock market articles to review some stocks that I feel present good opportunities. I am obviously more of a sports expert but I have a business background as well. We will all get through this, I just wanted to put this update out there for all of you. Stay safe and check in for updates.

K O F S P O R T S!!!