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Dinger Tuesday Pick 5/16

Dinger Tuesday is a promo on Fanduel Sportsbook where you can bet on any player to hit a homerun but you also get $5 in credit for every homerun hit by any player in that game (up to $25). Here is a quick look at all of the details:

Dinger Tuesday Season Results

We got a W last week with Pete Alonso going deep and I was even at the game to see it. I was actually 2nd row just one section away from where he hit the homer. Now recapping our season total, a $25 bettor is still up $370 on the season!

  • Risk $25 to win $150 on DJ LemaHieu To Hit a Homerun +$150 (4/4)

  • Risk $25 to win $97.50 on Max Muncy To Hit a Homerun +$97.50 (4/4)

  • Risk $25 to win $90 on CJ Cron To Hit a Homerun +$90 (4/11)

  • Risk $25 on Carlos Santana - 3x5 = $15 bonus -$10 net (4/18)

  • Risk $25 on Shohei Ohtani - 1x5 = $5 bonus -$20 net (4/25)

  • Risk $25 on Bo Bichette - 6*5 - $25 bonues - Even Net (5/2)

  • Risk $25 on Pete Alonso +62.50 (5/9)

  • +$370 on the season

Dinger Tuesday Picks 5/16

Adley Rutschman (+500)

The point of the Dinger Tuesday promo is to take a chance on winning a guy to hit a homerun while limiting your liability by getting the $5 credit for each homerun hit in the game no matter which player hits it (up to $25). We are going for the +500 odds tonight but I have a good feeling that there will be plenty of homeruns hit in this game so we should get the $5 credits even if Rutschman doesn't go yard for us. These two teams hit 5 homeruns in the first 5 innings last night. If I was a local weatherman in Baltimore I would be saying, "tonight's weather is perfect for Dinger Tuesday, 77 degrees, & 10 mph wind blowing out to right field." Adley Rutschman is 1 for 2 with 1 career homerun against Angels starting pitcher Chase Silseth. Silseth will likely only pitch a few innings before turning it over to the LA bullpen but they allowed 10 runs after he gave up 6 his last time out on 5/7. Rutschman is hitting .286 with 6 homeruns on the season and 5 of those 6 homeruns have been at home with the wind blowing out to right field. As for other potential homeruns in this game, the guys around him are capable of going deep and the Angels will face Dean Kremer who has a 5.14 ERA at home this season. The ball should be carrying in Baltimore so let's take our chances on Rutschman to go deep at +500 and fall back on a $5 credit for each homerun hit in this game if he doesn't go deep. First pitch is at 6:35 est so get your bet locked in asap!

Dinger Tuesday 5/16 Summary

  • Risk $25 to win $125 on Adley Rutschman To Hit a Homerun

  • Eligible for a $5 bonus for every homerun hit (up to $25) in the Orioles and Angels game

Dinger Tuesday is brought to you by Beer Drop

Get personalized beers delivered to you and crack cold ones every Dinger Tuesday!


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