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Dinger Tuesday Picks 4/25

Dinger Tuesday is a promo on Fanduel Sportsbook where you can bet on any player to hit a homerun but you also get $5 in bonus bets for every homerun hit by any player in that game (up to $25). Here is a quick look at all of the details:

Dinger Tuesday Season Results

We suffered our first L of the season for Dinger Tuesday on the third Tuesday in but there were 3 homeruns hit so we really only lost $10. We started the season 3-0 but the reality is that we weren't going to win every dinger Tuesday pick all season. We took our L last week but we are back for more this week and a $25 bettor is still up $312.50 on the season!

  • Risk $25 to win $150 on DJ LemaHieu To Hit a Homerun +$150 (4/4)

  • Risk $25 to win $97.50 on Max Muncy To Hit a Homerun +$97.50 (4/4)

  • Risk $25 to win $90 on CJ Cron To Hit a Homerun +$90 (4/11)

  • Risk $25 on Carlos Santana -3x5 = $15 bonus -$10 net (4/18)

  • +$327.50 on the season

Dinger Tuesday Picks 4/25

Shohei Ohtani (+255)

The ball was carrying in LA last night and there were 8 total homeruns hit! We've got Shohei Ohtani going up against a 24 year old starting pitcher Mason Miller who has only pitched in 1 game at the Major League level in his career. Plus the Athletics bullpen has allowed the second most homeruns in the league with 15 so they could help us out and serve one up after the Angels knock Miller out of the game. We also have a 15 mph wind blowing out to right field which will help give Ohtani a power boost that he doesn't even really need. Ohtani went deep on Dinger Tuesday last week so he knows what's up. We get a $5 credit for every homerun hit in this game with the Dinger Tuesday Promo on Fanduel Sportsbook. Plus the Rockies are on the road this week so we can't take advantage of the Rocky Mountain Thin air like we have in recent weeks.

Dinger Tuesday 4/25 Summary

  • Risk $25 to win $63.75 on Shohei Ohtani To Hit a Homerun

  • Eligible for a $5 bonus for every homerun hit (up to $25) in the Angels and Athletics game

Dinger Tuesday is brought to you by Beer Drop

Get personalized beers delivered to you and crack cold ones every Dinger Tuesday!


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