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Ravens vs Dolphins Prediction - NFL Picks 12/31/23

The Dolphins will go on the road to face the Ravens today in what is a big game as far as the top seed in the AFC goes. The Ravens currently have it with their 12-3 record so the Dolphins will be looking to win to square up the records at 12-4. The Dolphins have been ok on the road but definitely not as good as at home (4-3 vs (7-1). The Ravens have been good no matter where or what conditions they play in. Let's get into our Ravens vs Dolphins Prediction and NFL Picks 12/31/23.

Miami Dolphins:

  • The Dolphins have been impressive lately, building on back-to-back wins, including a victory over the Dallas Cowboys. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has had a standout season with 4,214 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions.

  • The Dolphins' offense is further bolstered by the presence of Raheem Mostert, who has accumulated over 1,000 rushing yards, and Tyreek Hill, who has surpassed 1,600 receiving yards.

  • Defensively, the team has shown strength with players like David Long Jr. and Bradley Chubb making significant impacts.

Baltimore Ravens:

  • The Ravens are on a five-game winning streak and have the best record in the AFC at 12-3. Lamar Jackson has been a key player, both in the air and on the ground, with 3,357 passing yards and 786 rushing yards.

  • The Ravens' offense also includes effective contributions from Gus Edwards and Zay Flowers.

  • Defensively, the Ravens are strong with players like Roquan Smith and Justin Madubuike standing out. However, the absence of Mark Andrews due to injury could impact the team's offensive options.

  • The Ravens rank 1st in the league in defense and the combination of lock down defense with the playmaking ability of Lamar Jackson has really made them a dangerous team this season.

Game Prediction:

  • The game is seen as a critical one for both teams, with the Ravens slightly favored in the betting odds (-3).

  • Miami's performance on the road, compared to their strong showings at home, may be a factor, with the team appearing to struggle more in away games.

  • The Ravens, well-coached and with much at stake, are expected to maintain their focus and take advantage of the home field.

Final Score

Ravens 31 Dolphins 24

Ravens vs Dolphins Prediction 12/31/23

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