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Suns vs Lakers Prediction - NBA Picks 1/11/24

The Suns and Lakers will meet on TNT tonight in their fourth head to head matchup of the season. Taking a look at the previous results, the Lakers have won all three of those games but they have all been close contests with LA winning by 5, 3, and 3. The Lakers come into tonight favored by -1.5 so let's get into our Suns vs Lakers Prediction - NBA Picks 1/11/24.

Phoenix Suns:

  • The Suns, with a record of 19-18, have been showing mixed performances recently. Kevin Durant has been a key player, consistently scoring high in games. However, the team suffered a significant defeat to the Clippers recently, raising questions about their defensive capabilities and overall consistency.

Los Angeles Lakers:

  • The Lakers, with a19-19 record, have had their ups and downs this season. Anthony Davis has been a standout performer, especially noted for his recent 41-point game against the Raptors. The Lakers have shown strengths in defending midrange areas, which could be crucial against the Suns' offensive style.

Game Prediction:

  • The Lakers have a historical edge, having won the past five meetings with the Suns, including four games at home. Their ability to stifle midrange shots could be pivotal in this matchup.

  • However, the prediction leans towards the Suns bouncing back from their loss to the Clippers, with Durant and Bradley Beal expected to play significant roles. The Suns' performance will heavily depend on their star players stepping up and their ability to handle the Lakers' offense.

  • The game is expected to be closely contested, and it may come down to the wire, with the Suns getting the win.

Final Score

Suns 112 Lakers 111

Suns vs Lakers Prediction 1/11/24


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