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Toronto Raptors vs Los Angeles Lakers Prediction, Preview, and Odds 1/9/2024

The Raptors and Lakers will meet for the first time this season with it being the fourth game of a road trip for the Raptors. The Lakers snapped their losing streak in their last game with a close 106-103 win over the cross town rivals. Let's take a look at this matchup and get into our Toronto Raptors vs Los Angeles Lakers Prediction, Preview, and Odds 1/9/2024.

Toronto Raptors:

  • The Raptors, with a record of 15-21, come into this game showcasing a solid offensive game, averaging 115.0 points per game, ranking 16th in the NBA. They have been efficient in field goal percentage, shooting 48.1%.

  • Key Player: (and newly acquired) RJ Barrett has been a significant contributor, recently scoring 37 points in a game against the Warriors. His shooting efficiency and ability to rebound and assist have been crucial for Toronto.

  • As a team, Toronto is strong in assists, ranking 3rd in the league, and averages 44.5 rebounds per game. However, their defense has been a concern, allowing an average of 115.7 points per game.

Los Angeles Lakers:

  • The Lakers, with a record of 18-19, have shown some defensive prowess, especially in their recent 106-103 victory over the Clippers. They have been effective in limiting their opponents' scoring opportunities.

  • Key Player: Anthony Davis, averaging 25.5 points and 12.1 rebounds, and LeBron James, with 25.1 points per game, are the mainstays of the Lakers' offense. Their contributions will be critical in this matchup.

  • The Lakers have been struggling with their 3-point shooting, ranking 29th in the league, which could be a factor against the Raptors.

Game Prediction:

  • This game is expected to be closely contested. The Raptors, despite their record, have shown they can score heavily, but their defensive vulnerabilities might be a concern against the Lakers' star players.

  • The Lakers, with their recent form and home advantage, might have a slight edge, especially if they can continue their strong defensive play.

Final Score

Lakers 117 Raptors 113

Lakers vs Raptors Pick 1/9/24


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