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VIP Picks 10/5/23

3-0! 3-0! 3-0! These MLB experts were legit SHITTING on Eovaldi pre game. Jeff Passan “the stuff is just not there for him” with a big fucking smile on his face. Tim Kurkjian in his raspy little voice “his stuff just isn’t the same.” Yeah, how about 6 innings, 1 run allowed, and 8 strikeouts!? Eovaldi is a guy who elevates his game in the Postseason and he had great numbers against the Rays going into yesterday. The numbers don’t lie. Gallen gave up 2 in the 1st inning and a bunch of you hit me up saying we should have stayed away, how’d that work out for us? And then of course the Phillies won but that was the most obvious of the three so I won’t brag about that. But I will brag about being 5-1 in the MLB Playoffs with 3 of the 5 winners being underdogs and the 1 loser was an underdog as well. No MLB tonight but we have a football game that will only be entertaining if you bet on it so let’s see what the best bets are for tonight..


8:20 EST

Bears / Commanders Over (44.5)

  • The narrative on these teams is that they both suck and I agree that both of their defenses SUCK. They have both allowed 30+ points per game this season so yeah, they really suck.

  • And even mediocre offenses look good when they get to play against bad defenses which I feel like is the case tonight.

  • There have been 44+ points scored in all 4 of the Bears games

  • The Commanders have allowed 34, 37, & 35 in their last 3 games plus they scored 30+ themselves in 2 of those 3 games.

  • Justin Fields is coming off of his best game of the season so hopefully he builds on that tonight vs a bad defense.

  • Sam Howell actually picked apart the Eagles defense last week completing 70% of his passes and throwing for 290 so he should absolutely be in for a good game tonight.

  • The over is the play here.

8:20 EST

Player Prop

Sam Howell Passing Yards Over (239.5)

  • Howell has gone over this number twice this season and it’s been way over in those games with 290 against the Eagles last week and 299 against the Broncos a couple of weeks ago

  • The matchup looks too good to be true for him tonight but it’s true. The Bears rank 29th in passing defense allowing 272 ypg and 3 of their starting 4 in the secondary are injured - 2 are already listed as officially out and the third is questionable.

  • I think Howell and the Commanders will look to take advantage of the weakness for the Bears which is stopping the pass.

  • I think the only way this one could get sketchy is if Washington pulls away in this game but Chicago has kept 2 of their last 3 games within 10 points so the longer the hang around, the more passing yards we should see from Howell.

8:20 EST

Player Prop

DJ Moore Receptions Over (3.5)

  • Moore had himself a huge game against the Broncos last week catching 8 balls on 9 targets for 131 yards.

  • In a game that was Justin Fields best of the season, seeing how Moore led the team in catches, yards, and targets, it leads me to believe that he’s going to have Field’s trust again tonight.

  • Moore has gone over 3.5 catches in 2 of his last 3 games and he had 3 in the game that he went under.

  • Look for him to get 4 catches for us tonight, it might even be in the first half!


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