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About Me


Founder & CEO


Kof is the Founder and CEO of KofSports. Kof has been sports fan his whole life and his passion for sports continues to grow stronger year after year. 

Why did KofSports become the powerhouse it is today?

In 2015, Kof decided to start this journey because it was something that he is very passionate about. Sports talk, predictions, and entertainment. Every single day. He follows the most recent trends, results, and provides daily picks with in depth analysis. KofSports allows Kof to share his opinion and knowledge with the fans on a daily basis and he couldn't enjoy that more. KofSports became the powerhouse that it is today by building credibility since 2015 through one on one relationships with our VIP members, being transparent about wins/losses, and providing quality picks/analysis every single day. 24/7. 

More about Kof:

Favorite Sports Teams - Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, & Bruins. "TitleTown U.S.A." (And yes, I have made more betting on these teams in my lifetime than a fan the same age from any other fan base has made) 

Favorite Sports Moment - Witnessing the Patriots win the lowest scoring game in SuperBowl History in person - Feb 3, 2019 13-3 Final - He had the -2.5

Least Favorite Sports Moment - Patriots miss out on a perfect season in SuperBowl XLII

Best Bet: 233-1 parlay - 9 Anytime TD Scorers (10/22/23)

Non Watching/Attending/Betting Sports Games Hobbies:

Spending time with family, golfing, & fishing.

Favorite Food - Pizza & Wings


Favorite Beer - Treehouse Brewing Company - Haze


Favorite Stadium - Fenway Park


Favorite Stadium (non-homer pick) - PNC Park - beautiful ballpark and a sportsbook  nextdoor 

Favorite place to watch a game: My man cave


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