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Stu Feiner falls flat on his face

Delaware Governor John Carney made the first legal sports bet at Dover Downs yesterday and he turned his $10 into $20 by taking the Phillies at (+206) on the moneyline against the Cubs last night. How long until he gives up his main gig to start handicapping? Kidding. This story isn’t about him though, it’s about the second guy to place a legal bet in Delaware, Stu Feiner. A self proclaimed living legend who “makes” $50,000 best bets regularly. He promised on Monday that he would turn his $5k into $30k on Tuesday but after following his instagram posts, he fell a little bit short of that promise.

He did drop $5k, but at the end of the day, he lost $4,000 on the biggest stage of his life. I’m not sure if you guys follow along but he has been handicapping for a LONG time and he has been waiting for this moment, for all his life, oh lord, OH LORD. He fell flat on his fucking face. Let’s take a look at the bets.

Reds ML (+105) - Result - Loss - -$500

Pirates ML (+110) - Result - Loss - -$500

Orioles ML (Even) - Result - Win - +$500

Padres ML (+120) - Result - Loss - -$500

“Best bet of the day” Giants ML (-135) - Result - Loss - -$3,000

I don’t have a Master’s Degree in mathematics but by the looks of these betting tickets, it looks like the “living legend” Stu Feiner lost $4,000 on his first day of legal sports betting in Delaware. That’s what happens when you bet and post picks with no rhyme or reason to them. Padres lost 14-1, Dodgers lost 5-0, Reds lost 9-6, and Giants lost 3-2. All I know is if I was a client of his paying $150 for one night’s worth of picks, I’d be pretty upset. *insert KofSports promo here* - Here at Kofsports, every VIP pick that we post has solid reasoning behind it, we never bet and post picks just to put them out there. Stu has been awfully quiet today but I’m sure he was just taking some time to put in the homework he needed to in order to be able to release a $100,000 “best bet” tonight for Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Lol.

Listen to this guy, he claims to make people money and know his sports but he comes out and makes a statement with all these cameras in his face - “Remember, sports gambling is for the rich to have fun and lose money, sports betting is not for people to earn, that is a fallacy.” - Stu Feiner

The guy was clearly flustered after dropping $2k on 4 MLB games that he had no idea what he was doing. Either that or he could just be a complete fucking idiot. I’d say it’s a push after seeing his free play for this afternoon of the San Diego Padres who lost 14-1 last night. They will have a starting pitcher who is a no name reliever making a start against Mike Foltynewicz who is one of the hottest pitchers in baseball right now and has only allowed 2 earned runs in his last 32 innings pitched. Keep up the good work Stu!

His punch line has always been, “I’m Stu Feiner and you’re fucking not.” You are so right Stu, I am NOT Stu Feiner, I’m KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFSPORTS! You can get a full year of valuable picks from KofSports for less than 2 night’s of Stu’s picks. My DMs are open.

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