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Celtics vs Bucks Fanduel NBA Same Game Parlay

We have a great double header on TNT tonight starting off with the top two teams in the East, the Celtics vs the Bucks. We are going to take a look at the most popular Celtics vs Bucks Fanduel NBA Same Game Parlay for this game. It's pretty easy for us to do by utilizing our NBA Player Prop Data sheet tool since we have access to every player's stats & game logs for every game this season and we use advanced algorithms to generate daily projections.

Celtics vs Bucks Fanduel NBA Same Game Parlay 1/11/24

Celtics vs Bucks Same Game Parlay Picks

Fanduel NBA Same Game Parlay 1/11/24

To be clear, I took this parlay from Fanduel's parlay hub where they post popular same game parlays and then show how many people have already bet the parlay. As of 2:45 est, 1,020 people have locked this one in above. Let's take a closer look at each leg and see what the likelihood is that this one will hit.

Jayson Tatum 3+ Threes Made

Tatum is coming off of a massive 45 point game last night where he hit 6 three pointers. He also hit 8 three pointers in the game before that against the Pacers last Saturday. He's averaged 4 three pointers made over his last 10 games. Looking back to the first game against the Bucks, Tatum went 2 for 9 from three and that was kind of a weird game where the Celtics were up as many as 21 and ended up only winning by 3. Tatum seems to be hot from behind the arc right now and he's got plenty of confidence after last night.

Jaylen Brown 25+ Points

Jaylen has gone 35, 40, & 31 points in his last three games so he's feeling pretty good coming into tonight. He's averaging 26 over his last 10 games and he had 26 points in the first game against the Bucks. I feel pretty good about Jaylen getting 25 tonight.

Giannis Antetokounmpo 30+ Points

Giannis is averaging 34.6 points per game over his last 5 and he's had 40+ points in 2 of his last 3. Giannis has actually been trending down against the Celtics where his scoring has been decreasing in recent meetings. He's only gone for 30+ in 1 of his last 4 and 5-5 in his last 10 against them. I think the status of Porzingis will be a key factor in the Celtics keeping Giannis under 30.

Giannis Antetokounmpo 12+ Rebounds

I think this will be the toughest leg of the parlay. His standard player prop line is right at 12.5 and that's what he's averaged over his last 10 games. He's averaged 11.5 rebounds per game on the season. Obviously a key factor is going to be how well the Celtics are shooting it on the second night of a back to back. Maybe take this leg out and just ride the first 3.


I'll go 3 out of 5 on this one above with the fact that I'm worried about Giannis' point totals have been going down against the Celtics only scoring 30+ in 1 of his last 5 against. I also don't love the Giannis rebound prop. If I tweaked it a little bit to get Tatum 2+ threes, Jaylen 20+ points, and Giannis 25+ points I'd be feeling 5 out of 5 confidence on that.

Celtics vs Bucks Same Game Parlay 1/11/24


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