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Dinger Tuesday Pick 5/23

Dinger Tuesday is a promo on Fanduel Sportsbook where you can bet on any player to hit a homerun but you also get $5 in credit for every homerun hit by any player in that game (up to $25). Here is a quick look at all of the details:

Dinger Tuesday Season Results

We took an L last week with no dinger from Adley Rutschman but there were 3 homeruns hit so we only lost $10. Now recapping our season total, a $25 bettor is still up $370 on the season!

  • Risk $25 to win $150 on DJ LemaHieu To Hit a Homerun +$150 (4/4)

  • Risk $25 to win $97.50 on Max Muncy To Hit a Homerun +$97.50 (4/4)

  • Risk $25 to win $90 on CJ Cron To Hit a Homerun +$90 (4/11)

  • Risk $25 on Carlos Santana - 3x5 = $15 bonus -$10 net (4/18)

  • Risk $25 on Shohei Ohtani - 1x5 = $5 bonus -$20 net (4/25)

  • Risk $25 on Bo Bichette - 6*5 - $25 bonues - Even Net (5/2)

  • Risk $25 on Pete Alonso +62.50 (5/9)

  • Risk $25 on Adley Rutschman 3x5 = $15 bonus -$10 net (5/16)

  • +$360 on the season

Dinger Tuesday Picks 5/23

Nolan Arenado (+360)

The point of the Dinger Tuesday promo is to take a chance on winning a guy to hit a homerun while limiting our liability by getting the $5 credit for each homerun hit in the game no matter which player hits it (up to $25). We are going for the +360 odds tonight but I have a good feeling that there will be plenty of homeruns hit in this game so we should get the $5 credits even if Arenado doesn't go yard for us. Arenado had a recent stretch where he hit a homerun in 6 out of 7 games and he's gone homerless in 4 straight so I think he's due. This game between the Cardinals and Reds has the highest over under of the MLB slate at 10 tonight. Slight breeze coming in off the river at 6.9 mph but the 81 degrees and humidity should still help the ball carry at Great American Ballpark tonight. Arenado will face Reds starter Graham Ashcraft who he comes in hitting .500 against with 1 career homerun. Of course we always want potential homeruns from everyone in the lineup and this STL lineup comes in hitting .353 vs Ashcraft so they should be swinging away. Ashcraft is coming off of a start where he gave up 7 runs in 5 innings. Adam Wainwright is starting for STL & he allowed 2 homeruns in his only road start this season. I think we will see homeruns hit in this game tonight so it lines up very nicely for another successful DINGER TUESDAY for us!

BONUS BET - I'm also going to throw $5 on Arenado to hit 2 homeruns tonight at 37 to 1 odds.

Dinger Tuesday 5/23 Summary

  • Risk $25 to win $90 on Nolan Arenado To Hit a Homerun

  • Risk $5 to win $185 on Nolan Arenado To Hit 2 Homeruns

  • Eligible for a $5 bonus for every homerun hit (up to $25) in the Cardinals and Reds game

Dinger Tuesday is brought to you by Beer Drop

Get personalized beers delivered to you and crack cold ones every Dinger Tuesday!


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