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Dinger Tuesday Picks 6/6

Dinger Tuesday is a promo on Fanduel Sportsbook where you can bet on any player to hit a homerun but you also get $5 in credit for every homerun hit by any player in that game (up to $25). Here is a quick look at all of the details:

Dinger Tuesday Season Results

We took an L last week with no Muncy dinger but there were 3 homeruns hit so we got the $15 credit. Now recapping our season total, a $25 bettor is still up $335 on the season!

  • Risk $25 to win $150 on DJ LemaHieu To Hit a Homerun +$150 (4/4)

  • Risk $25 to win $97.50 on Max Muncy To Hit a Homerun +$97.50 (4/4)

  • Risk $25 to win $90 on CJ Cron To Hit a Homerun +$90 (4/11)

  • Risk $25 on Carlos Santana - 3x5 = $15 bonus -$10 net (4/18)

  • Risk $25 on Shohei Ohtani - 1x5 = $5 bonus -$20 net (4/25)

  • Risk $25 on Bo Bichette - 6*5 - $25 bonues - Even Net (5/2)

  • Risk $25 on Pete Alonso +62.50 (5/9)

  • Risk $25 on Adley Rutschman 3x5 = $15 bonus -$10 net (5/16)

  • Risk $25 on Nolan Arenado 3x5 = $15 bonus - $5 on 2 HR -$15 net (5/23)

  • Risk $25 on Max Muncy 3x5 = $15 bonus -$10 net (5/30)

  • +$335 on the season

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Dinger Tuesday Picks 6/6

Anthony Rizzo (+400)

I went back and forth on this one for a while but after looking at all of the games, matchups, and options for Dinger Tuesday, I've got my $25 locked in on Anthony Rizzo tonight. For starters, it's projecting to be 77 degrees with a 14 mph wind blowing out to the short porch in right field at Yankee Stadium tonight. Beautiful hitting weather for anybody but that really lines up nicely for Rizzo who only needs to hit a pop fly to right and it will carry out tonight. Rizzo will be facing White Sox starting pitcher Lucas Giolito who has allowed at least 1 homerun in each of his last 6 starts. Giolito also comes in with a 5.68 ERA on the road this season. The goal is always to cash the guy we take to hit a dinger on Dinger Tuesday but we also have to keep the other potential homeruns in mind because we get a $5 credit for each homerun hit in the game (up to $25). I am well aware and I will caution everyone reading this that Aaron Judge is not in the lineup tonight. I don't care, I still think both teams are capable of hitting dingers with the 14 mph blowing out to right and the warm temp. I really just hope Rizzo launches one into the upper deck in the 1st inning but if not, I feel pretty good about 3-5 homers being hit in this game.

Dinger Tuesday 6/6 Summary

  • Risk $25 to win $100 on Anthony Rizzo To Hit a Homerun

  • Eligible for a $5 bonus for every homerun hit (up to $25) in the Yankees and White Sox game

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