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Dinger Tuesday Picks 7/25

Dinger Tuesday is a promo on Fanduel Sportsbook where you can bet on any player to hit a homerun but you also get $5 in credit for every homerun hit by any player in that game (up to $25). Here is a quick look at all of the details:

Dinger Tuesday Season Results

Well fuck me! We missed again last week and there was only 1 homerun hit in the Dodgers and Orioles game so we lost $20 last week. We haven't hit in 3 Dinger Tuesdays now so I would say we are due for one tonight. Despite missing the last few weeks, we are STILL up $390 on the season for Dinger Tuesday Picks!

  • Risk $25 to win $150 on DJ LemaHieu To Hit a Homerun +$150 (4/4)

  • Risk $25 to win $97.50 on Max Muncy To Hit a Homerun +$97.50 (4/4)

  • Risk $25 to win $90 on CJ Cron To Hit a Homerun +$90 (4/11)

  • Risk $25 on Carlos Santana - 3x5 = $15 bonus -$10 net (4/18)

  • Risk $25 on Shohei Ohtani - 1x5 = $5 bonus -$20 net (4/25)

  • Risk $25 on Bo Bichette - 6*5 - $25 bonues - Even Net (5/2)

  • Risk $25 on Pete Alonso +62.50 (5/9)

  • Risk $25 on Adley Rutschman 3x5 = $15 bonus -$10 net (5/16)

  • Risk $25 on Nolan Arenado 3x5 = $15 bonus - $5 on 2 HR -$15 net (5/23)

  • Risk $25 on Max Muncy 3x5 = $15 bonus -$10 net (5/30)

  • Risk $25 on Anthony Rizzo 3x5 = $15 bonus -$10 net (6/6)

  • Risk $25 on Vlad Guerrero Jr 5x5 = $25 bonus No loss no gain (6/13)

  • Risk $25 on Elly De La Cruz = +$115 (6/20)

  • Risk $25 on Freddie Freeman 2x5 = $10 bonus -$15 net (6/27)

  • Risk $25 on Ryan McMahon 2x5 = $10 bonus -$15 net (7/4)

  • Risk $25 on Max Muncy 1x5 = $5 bonus -$20 net (7/18)

  • +$390 on the season

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Dinger Tuesday Picks 7/25

Justin Turner (+520)

This one is going to take some patience because Fanduel won't release the Dinger odds until the Red Sox name a starting pitcher. I pulled Justin Turner's odds from Drafktings just so I could get the post up but I will update it once Fanduel releases the number. It doesn't matter who the Red Sox announce as the starter, both teams are going to be hitting dingers at a hot and humid Fenway tonight. 8 MPH wind blowing out to the Green Monster in left? The #1 homerun hitting team in the league and ony of the hottest hitting teams in July? Then the +700ish odds on Justin Turner who comes in hitting just under .300 with 2 career homeruns against Charlie Morton? Morton doesn't give up a lot of homeruns in fact he's only allowed 3 in his last 8 starts. But he allowed 3 the last time he pitched at Fenway. The Red Sox have yet to announce a starter but whoever it is will be pitching against the league leading homerun hitting team so I expect a few from the Braves tonight as well. Turner has hit safely in 17 of his last 18 games and he's a guy who can take low ball pitcher's deep. We will take our chances with Turner tonight!

Dinger Tuesday 7/25 Summary

  • Risk $25 to win $131.25 on Justin Turner To Hit a Homerun

  • Eligible for a $5 bonus for every homerun hit (up to $25) in the Red Sox Braves game

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