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Fanduel Same Game Parlay 12/20/23

Something new I'm adding to my daily betting duties is reviewing the "popular" parlays that the sportsbook share as suggested plays. I always see them and usually never touch them because I feel like they are just baiting us but I am going to start reviewing them, sharing stats, my opinion, and document the results. Let me clarify, these aren't my picks, I'm taking suggested parlays from the different sportsbooks and reviewing them as well as sharing analysis before the games start. You choose how you want to use that information!

Fanduel Same Game Parlay 12/20/23

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Philadelphia 76ers Same Game Parlay 12/20/23

3,234 People Placed

Fanduel Same Game Parlay 12/20/23


Anthony Edwards is obviously the piece that jumps out to me in this one with the recent news of him being over the top forcing one of his girlfriends or side chicks to prove she took a plan b pill. I feel like it's a wild card of what you are going to get on the floor when there are ongoing off the court things like that going on. However, he has scored 32 and 37 in his last two games. He's averaging 24.6 on the season and he had 31 against the Sixers in the first head to head matchup on 11/22. Next leg up is Joel Embiid to grab 12+ rebounds which is right around his average on the season at 11.8. He has 12+ rebounds in 5 of his last 7 games. He didn't play against the TWolves in the first meeting so we don't have that head to head comparison which is always valuable when looking at player props. Tyrese Maxey 2+ threes made is the next leg and he has 10 threes made in his last 2 games. He's hit 2+ threes in 8 of his last 10 games. The final leg is Karl-Anthony Towns 2+ threes made which he had only down 1 time in his last 4 games. He went just 1 for 2 from three against the Sixers on 11/22.

Confidence: ⭐️⭐️

The +516 odds make this one worth a look but honestly I'm only rating this one 2 out of 5. Ant and Embiid's numbers are listed slightly above their season averages and KAT hasn't been taking enough threes for me to be over the top confident in him hitting 2 tonight especially since he only went 1 for 2 in the first meeting. My most confident leg is obviously the Maxey 2+ threes made and I think there's value parlaying that with a couple other guys adjusted three lines tonight maybe Jalen Brunson and Derrick White to get around -130 -140 range.


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