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Timberwolves vs Mavericks Prediction - NBA Picks 12/28/23

The will be the second time the Timberwolves and Mavericks face eachother this season with the Timberwolves winning the first matchup 119-101. Luka had 39 in that game and the TWolves still beat the Mavs by 18. The Mavs are on the second night of a back to back and are dealing with some injuries. Here's our Timberwolves vs Mavericks prediction for tonight 12/28/23.

Minnesota Timberwolves:

  • The Timberwolves have had a strong season, leading the Western Conference with a 22-7 record. Their home record is particularly impressive at 12-1.

  • Minnesota excels defensively, ranking first in the NBA in points allowed per game and second in opponent's field goal percentage. They are also third in 3-point defense. Offensively, they are 18th in points per game but rank higher in field goal and 3-point field goal percentages.

  • Key players for the Timberwolves include Anthony Edwards, who leads the team in scoring, and Karl-Anthony Towns, a significant contributor in both points and rebounds.

Dallas Mavericks

  • The Mavericks hold a solid 18-12 record, sitting in third place in the Western Conference. They have a strong away record at 10-6.

  • Luka Doncic is a standout player for the Mavericks, leading the team in scoring, rebounding, and assists. Kyrie Irving also adds significant scoring and assist numbers.

  • Dallas averages 120.2 points per game offensively while allowing 116.9 points per game defensively. Their field goal and 3-point shooting percentages are competitive.

Game Prediction:

  • This game is likely to be a close contest, with the Timberwolves having the advantage of playing at home and their strong defensive record. However, the Mavericks' offensive firepower, particularly if Doncic plays, cannot be underestimated.

  • Minnesota's defense will be key in this matchup, especially in controlling the pace against a potentially tired Dallas team playing on the second day of a back-to-back.

In conclusion, while the Mavericks have the offensive talent to challenge any team, the Timberwolves' impressive defensive stats and strong home record might give them the edge in this matchup.

Final Score

Timberwolves 110 Mavericks 106

Timberwolves vs Mavericks Prediction


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