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VIP Picks 10/19/23

MLB Playoff straight plays improve to 16-6 and we cash ANOTHER underdog! We have also started the week with back to back to back winning days to start the week so let’s keep it going tonight. KOOOOFSPORTS!


5:07 EST

Alt Run Totals

DBacks Over (2.5) / Astros Over (2.5) (-151)

  • The Dbacks have gone over 2.5 runs in 6 of their 7 playoff games and they should clear 2.5 runs for us again tonight.

  • They will be going up against Phillies starter Ranger Suarez who they come in hitting .270 against in a large sample size of 74 at bats.

  • They faced him twice this season and went over 2.5 runs in each of those games.

  • I think the DBacks will really come out playing with desperation to get a win in this game but they should absolutely go over 2.5 runs for us in this game tonight.

  • Then we have the Astros who are right back in the series after last night’s 8-5 win. The bats woke up and they should stay awake tonight.

  • They have faced Andrew Heaney twice this season and they ended up with 9 runs and 5 runs in those 2 games.

  • The Stros have also been better against lefties this season hitting .270 compared to .254 vs righties. They also have a higher slugging percentage .470 vs lefties than .423 vs righties.

  • This one seems like an easy one so let’s make it a strong play.

5:07 EST

Player Prop Hit Parlay

Trea Tuner Hit / Jose Abreu Hit (-114)

  • Trea Turner has hit safely in all 8 playoff games to this point and he’s even had multiple hit games in 5 of those 8 games. He’s never faced Pfaadt but this game projects to be a high scoring game based on the over under so look for offense and Turner should be part of it like he has been all throughout the playoffs.

  • Jose Abreu will be hitting behind Yordan in the lineup so if the Rangers do pitch around Yordan, Jose will be there to clean up. Jose has hit safely in 5 of his 7 playoff games and he’s coming in with 4 career homeruns against Rangers starter Andrew Heaney.

  • -114 pretty good value here.


8:15 EST

Saints (-125)

  • I would be taking the Saints in this game even if Trevor Lawrence wasn’t injured but I like them even more with that news. He is going to play tonight but I think he will be less effective.

  • Another thing in this game is that the Jaguars have not had to deal with a TRUE road game environment yet this season. Sure they played back to back games in London but most of the people in the stands thought that they were going to a futbol game not a football game.

  • The weakness I expect the Saints to take advantage of against the Jags tonight is their pass defense. 2nd worst in the league and I could see Carr getting going at home against a weak pass defense despite missing two starting offensive linemen.

  • The Saints haven’t looked very good this season despite their one big win over a bad Patriots team but they are still right in the mix for the NFC South and this is a big game for them to get to 4-3.

  • Let’s take the Saints at home - WHO DAT WHO DAT WHO DAT SAY GON BEAT DEM SAINTS!?


10:30 EST


Avalanche ML / Bruins ML (-140)

  • The Avs will be at home tonight and they will host a Blackhawks team who isn’t a push over this season coming in at 2-2 but they just aren’t on the same level as the Avs.

  • The Avs come in at 3-0 with multi goal wins in 2 of those 3 games. The Avs come in ranked #3 in the league in goal differential so that goes to show they’ve been playing well through the first 3. The Blackhawks are at #20 in goal differential in this early season and another thing is that this will be the Blackhawks 5th road game in 5 games.

  • The Bruins are off to a 2-0 start and they should be plenty rested since they haven’t played since last Saturday. They kick off a West Coast trip tonight against a bad 0-2-1 Sharks team that has lost 2 of their 3 game by multiple goals.

  • Kaapo Kahkonen will be in net for the Sharks and he’s coming in with a 4.0 goals against average so the Bruins should be able to take advantage against him.


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