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VIP Picks 3/11/24

A much needed fresh start is upon us today after a brutttttal week. -9.86 units for everyone who played every play. Some of you didn’t get hurt as bad if you only play the 1s and 2s. We had some close losses but nothing really went our way all week other than the first half of Saturday before we threw some away on the late plays. Something I have decided to do to make some adjustments and get things going the right way this week is that we are only going to target one play per day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I want to stack a few winners to get out of the funk and sometimes you just need to limit the action. Those of you who really want more plays can hit me up and I will get you some but I think the best approach to snap the worst cold streak since September is to focus on our most confident plays and try to start the week 3-0. 


7:00 EST

Rangers (-135)

  • The Rangers will host the Devils who they have already beat twice this season but the Devils are in a tough stretch right now where the goaltending has been really bad. 

  • It really doesn’t matter who is in net for the Devils, they have all allowed more than 3 goals per game on average and they have a combined record of 21-43 this season.

  • The Rangers scored 10 goals in the first 2 games against the Devils outsourcing them 10-4.

  • The Rangers will have Jonathan Quick in net which moved the line from -155 to -135 but his goals against average is actually better than Shesterkin at 2.45.

  • The Rangers have also been the 2nd best team at home this season so they should be able to get us the win tonight.


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