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VIP Picks 6/12/24

2-1 on the night and the 1 loss was a 2-1 blown lead by the Cubs who gave up 4 runs in the 9th. That would have been a nice +124 for us but we are still 4-1 to start the week so let’s keep it rolling today.


8:10 EST

Yankees (-1.5) 🥉

  • The Yankees put on an offensive explosion of a show last night in KC beating the Royals 10-1.

  • I’d expect the bats to be out again tonight especially against the Royals pitcher who is getting the start or the open or whatever you want to call it but this guy has only pitched in 12 games at the Major League level since the 2020 season so sign me up. If he comes out quick then we get to face the Royals bullpen which ranks towards the bottom of the league.

  • Cody Poteet will pitch for the Yankees and he doesn’t have much more pitching than the KC starter I mentioned but he’s 2-0 with a 1.72 ERA this season so the what have you done for me lately looks pretty good plus the Yankees have the more powerful lineup to give him run support. 

8:30 EST

Celtics (+124) 🥇

  • Not sure we will see better value than this for a while so let’s jump on Celtics moneyline.

  • Obviously Porzingis is a massive question mark and we don’t know if he will play, how long he will last, will he play defense at all. But this Celtics team is still 6-0 on the road in the playoffs.

  • Al Horford is good. He’s not Porzingis but he’s still effective and the Celtics have won games without Porzingis in the playoffs and the regular season (30-5). 

  • People keep saying they aren’t playing anyone but who are they playing tonight? A Mavs team who they beat by 18 and 7 and had leads of 29 and 14 in those games. Not to mention the Celtics started 3 for 15 from three in Game 2 and STILL had a 14 point lead in the 3rd so don’t expect another cold night from deep.

  • I saw the Mavs pre game the other night with my own eyes, I was 9 rows away and they were all fucking around. I’m talking like head butting balls like soccer, joking around, and not taking things serious. That goes to show the mindset and where they are at right now and they aren’t going to get anywhere against a historically dominant Celtics team.

  • Again, the media keeps hyping up the Mavs to limit the damage the sportsbooks take from people betting on the Celtics. Hey Draftkings, I call your bluff and I raise you $1,000. LFG C’s!

8:30 EST

Player Prop

Jayson Tatum Points Over (26.5) 🥈

  • Doubling down on our MVP bet from yesterday.

  • Another thing I saw in Game 2 but also Game 1 was that Tatum could blow by just about anyone who guarded him and get to the rim. In Game 1 he passed and in Game 2 he had some tough misses but was getting hit. I expect him to continue to be aggressive and go to the basket tonight. I also expect him to have a legacy type game where he shuts the critics up. 

  • He’s basically averaging a triple double but that’s not good enough so a legacy game tonight will be nice to remind people that he can still score…easily….when he wants to.

  • Porzingis being out or limited is also another factor in this where Tatum will look to do more.


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